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Excavator ZE700ESP

The power system of ZE700E series excavator is equipped with Cummins engine featuring large power, high quality, low fuel consumption and less noise. As a precise mechanical-electronic-hydraulic integrated control system, the Kawasaki hydraulic system can realize large flow and high power control. Working together with a large-capacity bucket, it makes operations more efficient, stable and reliable. The user-friendly design of machine makes operations more comfortable. The rationalized maintenance layout makes maintenance more convenient. Bluedon management system is used to monitor machine performance and make management more convenient. The dashboard display is provided with standard configuration of interface with six languages, such as Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc, to meet demands of different countries and regions. The machine boasts powerful digging force and fast operating speed. Equipped with large-capacity bucket, it can realize excellent production efficiency. This series of large- scale hydraulic excavator is mainly used in the large -scale engineering projects of mining, huge infrastructure construction, marine reclamation land and harbor channel dredging.

ZE700Esp excavator is equipped with enlarged rock bucket, shorter boom, shorter arm, as well as advanced electrical system and hydraulic system. The machine boasts stable performance, powerful digging force and fast operating speed. This excavator is widely used in the large-scale engineering projects of mining, huge infrastructure construction,marine reclamation land and harbor channel dredging.

Key    ParameterWorking masskg7100070000
Rated powerkw/rpm354/1800354/1800
Standard bucket capacity(SAE)m33.24.1
System    flow
   (Max. pressure/ Max. flow)
-31.4    /34.3 Mpa
   1036 L/min
31.4    /34.3 Mpa
     1036 L/min
Engine model-Cummins
Max. torqueN.m/rpm2203/14002203/1400
Traveling speed (low/high)km/h3.05/4.243.05/4.24
Slewing speedrpm6.86.8
Max.  drawbar pullkN489489
Digging force of bucket (ISO)kN388385
Digging force of stick (ISO)kN252312
Basic    ParameterSlewing radius of tailmm39403940
Tail lengthmm39403940
Counterweight ground clearancemm15021502
Min. ground clearancemm820820
Ground contact lengthmm46904690
Track lengthmm58705870
Track gaugemm33003300
Track widthmm40504050
Track shoe widthmm750750
Height of grousermm5050
Slewing table widthmm32843284
Operating    RangeMax. excavating radiusmm1316811680
Max. excavating distancemm1292611400
Max. excavating heightmm1203511490
Max. discharging heightmm82017500
Max. excavating depthmm84677155
Max. vertical excavating depthmm66205630
Min. slewing radius of frontmm55293940
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