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Excavator ZE480E(sp)

ZE480E/ZE480Esp are equipped with electronically controlled imported CUMMINS engines (EURO II emission standard), which deliver maximum reliability due to its powerful and robust design.

Top-quality key hydraulic parts from famous brands are reliable, energy-saving and high-efficient. Work equipment and carriage in strengthened design can adapt the excavator to all kinds of harsh working conditions.

The new-generation smart control system delivers high work efficiency with reduced fuel consumption. Thanks to the new noise-reducing and shock-absorbing technologies, lowered noise and reduced vibration can be guaranteed.

A high level of operator comfort can be ensured thanks to the spacious, comfortable, low-noise and low-vibration cab that offers plenty of room, as well as full-automatic air conditioner (cool & warm), all-dimensionally adjustable suspension seat and movable armrest in the cab.

The smart color multi-functional LCD monitor with super-large screen ensures easy monitoring of machine working conditions. Aesthetic and smooth appearance with modernity and three-dimensional appeal brings stronger and more robust machine.

Keeping advantages of ZE480E, ZE480Esp adopts reinforced short arm and short stick, as well as optional larger-capacity bucket. As a result, boom digging force and stick digging force have been significantly improved, which is more advantageous to mining operation.

ZE485E-10 is equipped with imported CUMMINS engine which satisfies EURO III emission standard. The powerful and robust engine with sufficient power reserve is energy-saving and environment-friendly. ZE485E-10 further improves its structural parts by adopting integrally-formed large-profile design, which reduces butt welding via reduced stress and meanwhile strengthens & thickens key locations, thus bringing stronger load bearing capacity. Heavy-duty components such as bearing, sprockets and track rollers have been exclusively strengthened. Plates for key locations are thickened by adopting imported wear-resistant steel plate. The machine adopts mine-type lengthened and widened undercarriage and track. Beyond that, it is equipped with reinforced platform and work equipment. Control valve element and electrically controlled system for the hydraulic pump have been further upgraded, indicating smoother control, higher efficiency and more excellent energy-saving performance.

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