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Bulldozer ZD160S-3/ZD160SH-3

The power system of ZD160 series bulldozer is equipped with WEICHAI WD10G178E25 turbocharged engine. With fuel consumption reduced by 20%- 25%, the environmentally friendly engine features high reliability, energy-saving performance and less noise. Working together with an advanced driveline, it provides advanced power matching and high rated power. Precise and reliable electronic monitoring system enables operators to know the equipment operation condition in real time.

ZD160S-3 / ZD160SH-3 bulldozer is equipped with large-capacity R-blade. Boasting extremely high operation efficiency, it is specially developed to handle loose materials with lower shoveling density and larger individual volume.

Key    Technical ParameterBlade type-Tilt Blade
Working masskg18100
Blade capacitym34.7
Engine model-WD10G178E25
Rated power/Slewing speedkW/rpm131
Max. torqueN.m/rpm830/1100
Min. fuel consumptiong/kW.h215
Max. Drawbar pullKn152
Ground pressurekPa31
Traveling speed of forwardkm/h3.8/6.6/10.6
Traveling speed of Reversekm/h4.9/8.5/13.6
Basic    Technical ParameterHeight of cabmm3140
Height of ROPSmm3244
Ground contact lengthmm2935
Height of blademm1039
Track center distancemm2300
Height of grousermm121
Track shoe widthmm950
Operating    RangeMax. lift height of dozermm1052
Max. drop depthmm450
Max. lift height of rippermm——
Max. ripping depth of rippermm——
Max. tiltmm730
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