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Electric Pallet Truck TB15-M1

Safe & Efficient
• Small self-weight, large load capacity, improving the utilization of electricity.
• Maintenance-free battery , stable parts, more safe and efficient.
• With built-in charger the forklift can be charged in any place with socket, easy to change battery.

Flexible control
• Small size, suitable for narrow space.
• Modular design is conducive to the investigation and maintenance of the problem.
• Handle head is designed by the principle of ergonomics, operation is simple and comfortable.

Characteristics1.1model TB15-MA2
1.2drive electric
1.3operator type walkie
1.4load  capacity Q(kg)1500
1.5load centrec(mm)600
1.6front overhangx(mm)889
1.7wheel base Y(mm)1261/1205
weight2.1capacity(with battery)kg195
2.2axle loading ,laden(front/rear)kg505/990
2.3axle loading ,unladen(front/rear)kg155/40
wheels chassis3.1tyres type polyurethane
3.2wheel size (front) Ф210×70
3.3wheel size (rear) 2× Ф78×60(Ф78×88)
3.4additional wheels /
3.5wheels ,number front/rear (x = drven wheels) 1X/4(1X /2)
3.6track width (front)b10(mm)/
3.7track width (rear)b11(mm)410(535)
/4.1lifting heighth3(mm)115
4.2height of tiller in driving position min/maxh14(mm)790/1225
4.3height ,fork loweredh13(mm)80
4.5length to face of forksl2(mm)488
4.7fork dimentions s/e/l(mm)50/150/1150
4.8width across forksb5(mm)560(685)
4.9ground clearance centre of wheelbasem2(mm)30
4.10aisel width,pallet 1000x1200(1200crossways)Ast(mm)1739
4.11aisel width,pallet 800x1200(1200lengthways)Ast(mm)1939
4.12turning radius Wa(mm)1485
Dimensions5.1travel speed ,laden/unladenKm/h4/4.5
5.2lifting  speed laden/unladenm/s0.029/0.038
5.3lowering speed , laden/unladenm/s0.046/0.033
5.8max.grade ability, laden/unladen%2/6
5.1service brake electromagnetic
motor6.1drive motor power kW0.65
6.2lift motor powerkW0.84
6.4battery voltage/rated capacityV/Ah24/65
6.5battery weightKg22.5×2
others8.1type of dirve control  AC
8.2soundlevel at the driver's sear according to DIN12053dB(A)74
Construction Case Picture
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