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ZOOMLION CIFA Exhibited Products in INTERMAT 2018 in Paris


On April 23 local time, INTERMAT 2018 was opened in Paris of France. CIFA of ZOOMLION exhibited a few concrete pump trucks and mixer trucks in INTERMAT 2018. CEO Davide Cipolla of CIFA was invited to attend the concurrent 2018 Promotion of China Engineering Machinery Brands, sharing the great synergy effect and results made by CIFA since it was acquired by ZOOMLION one decade ago, and introducing the development plan of CIFA. His speech attracted great attention. 

CIFA attracted great attention in INTERMAT 2018

As one of the world’s Top 3 exhibitions of engineering machinery, INTERMAT 2018 attracted over 1,500 excellent exhibitors from 167 countries and regions in the world, which exhibited many of their best products to nearly 200,000 professional audiences.

CIFA of ZOOMLION not only exhibited a few of its concrete pump truck and mixer truck models selling well in Europe market, but also exhibited one model that combines the concrete pump truck and mixer truck. This product has greatly improved the operation efficiency and value of use. The insiders say it will become a very useful engineering machinery popular in Europe, US and even global market. 

CIFA products exhibited in INTERMAT 2018

At the 2018 Promotion of China Engineering Machinery Brands, CEO Davide Cipolla made a wonderful speech. The Promotion was jointly hosted by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products and China Construction Machinery Association, which received strong support from the Ministry of Commerce of China and China’s embassy in France. It was designed to push forward construction along the Belt & Road and international cooperation on production capacity, enhance building of export brands, expand export of China’s own brands, and facilitate China’s process of building a power of trade. As the model of ZOOMLION acquisitions and even the overseas M&A made by China, CIFA was invited to share its experience and future development plan. 

CIFA concrete pump truck exhibited at INTERMAT 2018 in France

According to Davide Cipolla, CIFA was incorporated in 1928. In its 90-year history, the tradition with extraordinary meaning happened in 2008 when it was acquired by ZOOMLION, an engineering machinery manufacturer coming from China. Year 2018 was not only the 90th anniversary of CIFA, but also the 10th anniversary of its acquisition by ZOOMLION. After the M&A, CIFA kicked off the new chapter of development. The supply chain and sales produce the huge synergy effect, bringing advantages and all-new capital and opportunities to CIFA. Again, CIFA was positioned to continue its efforts in new technological development and product quality. 

Davide Cipolla said CIFA has made new development strategy after the M&A. First, it establishes CIFA factory in China, which uses the world-famous component supply chain established by CIFA, thus producing better synergy effect of CIFA and ZOOMLION. It makes use of the booming market of engineering machinery in China and the low-cost production base to improve the corporate competitiveness and profits. Second, it invests in CIFA Italy and enhances product R&D, adding such patents as carbon fiber and mixing technologies, thus enforcing CIFA brand. 

In recent years, ZOOMLION has added its overseas production lines while upgrading the function of its overseas facilities. CIFA will also get expanded, whose products will start with concrete machinery to include all engineering machinery. 

After acquiring CIFA in 2008, ZOOMLION has become the world’s leading company in the industry. The efficient fusion has produced the wonderful performance. In 2012, ZOOMLION and CIFA worked together to develop the 101-meter carbon fiber arm pump truck, which keeps the Guinness Record. More results have been made in recent years. The C-series concrete pump trucks such as K38C and K43C and the intelligent CSS3-Z1 wet spraying machinery, etc. were manufactured in Changsha. 

“As the world economy becomes stable, economy grows in Europe and the Belt & Road Initiative is implemented, and thanks to the global layout of ZOOMLION and its strategic of focusing on the Belt & Road, the overseas performance of ZOOMLION will embrace the sustainable, high-quality and stable growth. In this process, CIFA will make great contributions”, said Davide Cipolla.