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Electric Stacker Truck DB12/16/20-R1

Safe & Efficient
•  Double lines solenid valve,three kinds deceleration model.
•  Curtis driving and steering controller,more stable and efficent.
•  With lifting limit switch to shut off pump motor at the max, lifting height.
•  Ac stepless motor,more powerful,lower-noise and safer.

Excellent performance
•  The damping effect is better because the drive unit adopts loating type design.
•  Owning electromagnetic regenerative dual braking system.
•  Emergency reversing device,emergency switch,EPS equipped handle to be effortless.
• There are standing,walkie,low running speed and limit speed function at overhead to meet kinds working condition.

Comfortable & practical
•  Turning automatic speed limit function improve the operation comfort.
•  AC Motor eliminates replacement of carbon brush.
•  Large removable pedal with shock absorption function, operating space and driving comfor.
•  Adjusted performance make the driving be smooth and comfortable.

Characteristics1.1model DB12-R1DB16-R1DB20-R1
1.2drive batterybatterybattery
1.3operator type walkiewalkiewalkie
1.4load  capacity Q(kg)120016002000
1.5load centrec(mm)600601602
1.6front overhangx(mm)651701702
1.7wheel base Y(mm)127513251326
weight2.1capacity(with battery)kg126013401341
2.2axle loading ,unladen(front/rear)kg860/16001140/18001260/2080
2.3axle loading ,laden(front/rear)kg820/440920/420920/420
wheels chassis3.1tyres type polyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethane
3.2wheel size (front) φ230×75φ230×76φ230×77
3.3wheel size (rear) φ80×93φ80×70φ80×71
3.4additional wheels φ125×50φ125×51φ125×52
3.5wheels ,number front/rear (x = drven wheels) 1x+2/21x+2/41x+2/5
3.6track width (front)b10(mm)620621622
3.7track width (rear)b11(mm)385/500385/501500
dimentions 4.1ciosed mast heighth1(mm)203020312032
4.2lifting heighth3(mm)300030013002
4.3height ,mast extendedh4(mm)355035513552
4.4height of tiller in driving position min/maxh14(mm)1042/14101042/14111042/1412
4.5height ,fork loweredh13(mm)868790
4.7length to face of forksl2(mm)904905906
4.9fork dimentions s/e/l(mm)60/185/115060/185/115160/185/1152
4.10width across forksb5(mm)570/685570/686685
4.11ground clearance centre of wheelbasem2(mm)293031
4.12aisel width,pallet 1000x1200(1200crossways)Ast(mm)246525042505
4.13aisel width,pallet 800x1200(1200lengthways)Ast(mm)239824372438
4.14turning radius Wa(mm)155915981599
Dimensions5.1travel speed ,laden/unladenKm/h5/5.55/5.65/5.7
5.2lifting  speed laden/unladenm/s0.1/0.150.13/0.180.08/0.12
5.3lowering speed , laden/unladenm/s0.08/0.180.13/0.180.13/0.18
5.8max.grade ability, laden/unladen%8/126/104/10
5.1service brake electromagneticelectromagneticelectromagnetic
motor6.1drive motor power kW1.5(AC)1.6(AC)1.7(AC)
6.2lift motor powerkW2.2(DC)3(DC)4(DC)
6.4battery voltage/rated capacityV/Ah24/21024/28524/286
6.5battery weightkg205260261
others8.1type of dirve control  ACACAC
8.2soundlevel at the driver's sear according to DIN12053dB(A)707172
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