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Zoomlion 4.0 Intelligent Competitive Products Appear on 2019 CICEE, the Orders Valued RMB 1.5 Billion on the First Day Interprete the Charm of Hunan Machinery Enterprises


On May 15, 2019 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition with a period of 4 days was started in attracting the attention of millions of people. In the exhibition with a theme of “Intelligent New Generation of Construction Machinery”, Zoomlion, a leading enterprise of construction machinery, participated in the exhibition with 9 categories of brand new 4.0 products, a total of 66 products, which showed the high-end intelligent manufacturing strength of Zoom lion in all dimensions. On its first day, Zoomlion completed release of new products, signing of big orders, product delivery and other wonderful activities and received the orders with the accumulated value of RMB 1.5 billion, lighting up this exhibition.


Zoomlion 4.0 Intelligent Competitive Products Appeared on 2019 Changsha Exhibition

“Illustrations” of 4.0 Competitive Products Interpreted the Majestic Demeanor of Intelligent Manufacturing

On the 2019 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition, there were 24 of top 50 global enterprises for production of main engines used in construction machinery, and nearly 1200 global construction machinery enterprises presenting their “new products” and “cutting-edge products”, creating a grand meeting of the global construction machinery industry for 150,000 professional audiences from more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

It was known that the products and equipment of Zoomlion to participate in this exhibition covered 9 categories, including concrete, moblie crane, construction hoisting, foundation and earthmoving, AWP, firefighting equipment and Zoomlion’s CIFA and m-tec etc. Meanwhile, ZValley OS, an industrial internet high-tech company of Zoomlion, also appeared on the exhibition, providing professional equipment management and leasing business management solutions for clients. These products integrating intelligence, greening and other brand new scientific and technological achievements were respectively deployed within the exhibition area, covering an area of more than 7,300 square meters, comprehensively showing the new style of Zoomlion in terms of intelligent manufacturing and environmental protection, and the charm of construction machinery manufacturing of both Changsha and Hunan.

When you walked in the Hunan International Convention & Exhibition Center in Changsha, you would first meet a crawler crane in auroral green color, which was the largest equipment in this exhibition - ZCC9800W crawler crane, attracting many audiences participating in the exhibition to scramble to take a photo as a memento due to its “majestic” size. This product that won the Gold Award for TOP50 Application Contribution of the Year of China’s Construction machinery Products is made of a variable cross-section combined type boom with the maximum length of 178 meters. It is a new king in the wind-power lifting equipment field as it has the comprehensive lifting performance higher than that of other competitive products at the same level and the maximum lifting height of 180m, which has updated the lifting height records in the industry and can meet the requirements of wind turbine lifting at a height of 160 meters and below.


Zoomlion ZCC9800W Crawler Crane

ZLJ5541THBSE 63X-6RZ five-axle pump truck with the length of 63 meter, presenting at the exhibition, was the earliest 6-arm three-level telescopic outrigger five-axle pumper with the longest boom appearing on the domestic market. It is configured with the globally-leading active damping technology for boom and the high-precision and high-efficiency and high-pressure pumping technology that was initiated in the industry and can provide the pumping efficiency of 5-8% higher than that of the industry, and the energy consumption of 2-4% lower than that of the industry. CSS3-Z1 wet spraying machine is the only dual-power operation equipment in the industry, which is equipped with the world’s first dual-table boom and able to provide precise positioning and easy operation, thus it can easily capture tunnel profile and spray without dead angle. T7020-10KA tower crane is used as the best tower crane for PC construction, as it can lift 6t at a height of 35m, lift 2t with its boom tip, capable of completely covering the current requirements of lifting conditions of PC.

Zoomlion 4.0 Competitive Products attracted wide attention from audiences. In addition, Zoomlion’s 80t crane truck also the only equipment designated for participating the “Changsha Cup” National Challenge for Crane Elites, manifesting the recognition from the industry for Zoomlion’s product quality.


▲ Zoomlion Products in the Outdoor Exhibition Area

A variety of new products, constant big orders and the orders received on the first day with the accumulated value of RMB 1.5 billion lighted up Changsha Exhibition

On the day of the opening ceremony, Zoomlion held a new product release meeting for new earthmoving equipment and the signing and product delivery ceremonies for aerial operation machinery, construction hoisting, concrete machinery and industrial vehicle products, and totally received the orders with the acculturated value of RMB 1.5 billion, manifesting the wide recognition from the market for Zoomlion’s intelligent products.

In the exhibition area of Zoomlion, new products of earthmoving machinery, such as ZE60E-10, ZE230E-9 series, were grandly released. 20t crawler hydraulic excavator ZE230E-9 is an upgraded product of E series developed by Zoomlion Earthmovings Machinery Company according to the design concept of “High Configuration, High Efficiency, High Reliability, Low Oil Consumption, Low Fault, and Low Maintenance”. It is equipped with a brand-new electronic control system so that the power of its engine and main pump reaches the best matching status and the construction efficiency and reliability are comprehensively improved, earning the glowing praises from the audiences.


The Product Demonstration Area of Zoomlion Earthmoving Machinery was bustling, as it attracted a lot of audience’s visiting Zoomlion ZValleyOS interpreted and demonstrated the new version of ZValleyOS industrial internet platform, Zoomlion Brain and Internet of Things (IOT) application products for intelligent management and leasing that were just released this March. ZValleyOS’ products integrate industrial IOT, Internet, cloud computing and big data technologies as one. They provide the analysis and statistic data in terms of equipment abnormality, commencement conditions, operation abnormality, working conditions etc. by collecting authentic equipment data and conducting in-depth analysis on these data. In addition, they also provide the real-time equipment positioning and trajectory while computing and offering the accurate maintenance reminders for clients according to the manufacturer’s regulations. The reduced equipment use cost and improved use efficiency can be achieved for the clients through these products and services, creating higher profit value.


The Exhibition Area of Zoomlion ZValley OS

Zoomlion’s brand new business segment of Aerial work platform that started last year appeared on the exhibition along with 14 aerial operation platforms, including the new-generation lithium ion battery products, scissor-fork type products and arm type products. Their distinguishing features of green and flexible intelligent IOT earned much praise from the audiences. With its excellent performance and cutting-edge technology advantages, the Aerial work platform company received the big orders valued RMB 3 billion.


Zoomlion Aerial work platform Company concluded deals with clients on site

In addition to Zoomlion Aerial work platform Company, the construction crane, concrete machinery, industrial vehicle subsidiaries etc. under Zoomlion also received big orders and reached cooperation with clients. According to the good news on the first day of the exhibition, Zoomlion received the orders with the accumulated value of RMB 1.5 billion, lighting up this exhibition.

Leading Hunan Machinery Enterprises to Go to the World as an Example

Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition was held in Changsha, “The City of China’s Construction machinery” for the first time. So far, it has been the professional exhibition with the maximum internationalization degree and industrial influence in Changsha and even in Hunan.

Zoomlion, transformed from a national scientific research institute, has acculturated more than 60 years of technologies, constantly persisted in innovation driving in the fertile ground of Changsha and led the industry development with intelligent and green manufacturing, becoming the backbone force of Hunan Construction machinery Community and the leading enterprise in the industry.

This January, “Zoomlion Smart Industrial City” created by Zoomlion based on high standard and with a total investment of RMB 100 billion was officially launched in Changsha. After it will have been completed and reached the design capacity in September 2022, it would become the comprehensive industrial base that has the largest scale and most kinds of construction machinery in China and even in the world, adding another shinning international business card for “The City of China’s Construction machinery”.

2019 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition is a stage for Zoomlion and other enterprises in Hunan to compete with the global construction machinery giants, and is also a platform for peers to make progress together and work together to promote the industry development. Zoomlion showed its high-end intelligent manufacturing strength in all dimensions to the world with more than 60 kinds of products on this exhibition, revealing the excellence of Hunan Construction machinery Enterprises. As the backbone force of Hunan Construction machinery Community, Zoomlion will persist in innovation, polish up this business card of Hunan Construction machinery Enterprises and continue to lead the industry development.