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With Love and Warmth, More Than 500,000 Face Masks Purchased by ZOOMLION from Indonesia and Kuwait Arrive for Donation


On February 11, the second batch of more than 500,000 face masks purchased under ZOOMLION’s action of Global Purchase of Medical Materials for Epidemic Prevention and Control arrived in Changsha overnight. It is reported that the masks from Indonesia and Kuwait, purchased by ZOOMLION’s Indonesian subsidiary and Kuwait office, will be donated to the Hunan Provincial Red Cross.


Over 500,000 Face Masks Purchased from Indonesia and Kuwait Arrive in Changsha

After learning the current shortage of medical and protective resources in China, especially the urgent shortage of face masks, ZOOMLION’s Indonesian subsidiary and Kuwait office quickly moved to purchase by mobilizing all parties. “All the employees of our subsidiaries have jumped into action by contacting manufacturers or helping pack and consign,” said a relevant leader of ZOOMLION. “Everyone has been actively collaborating with each other during the last two weeks”.


The Employees of ZOOMLION’s Indonesian Subsidiary Pack Materials

It is reported that this is the second batch of supplies shipped by the Indonesian subsidiary. A week ago, ZOOMLION Indonesia had already shipped 200,000 face masks to aid. An employee of the Indonesian branch said, “I really like the old Chinese saying, ‘Share robe with anyone short of cloth’, so with our ZOOMLION employees closely tied to each other, I hope to contribute my humble strength to supporting China.”


“Sharing Robe with Anyone Short of Cloth”, the ZOOMLION People around the World All Contribute Their Strength

It is said that ZOOMLION’s second batch of one million medical supplies also include independent purchases from Russia, Turkey, the UAE, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and other countries and donations from its customers and agents. These supplies will arrive one after another this week. ZOOMLION will continue to deliver more medical supplies and warm love to the front of fighting the epidemic by mobilizing its global resources.