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ZOOMLION Donates More Than 50,000 Medical Face Masks to Help Epidemic Prevention and Control in Changsha High-tech Zone


At present, the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia (“NCP”) concerns all people in China. Facing the shortage and tight supply of medical resources such as face masks, on February 11, ZOOMLION donated more than 50,000 anti-epidemic medical masks to Changsha High-tech Zone to help the NPC Prevention and control. Yang Jinlin, member of the Party Working Committee and Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Changsha High-tech Zone, and Sun Changjun, member of ZOOMLION’s Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control and Vice President of the Company, participated in the donation ceremony.


△ ZOOMLION Donates Protective Masks to Changsha High-tech Zone

Expressing his gratitude to ZOOMLION, Yang praised the enterprise for reaching out in crisis and working with Changsha High-tech Zone to win the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control.

Sun said that the face masks were purchased by ZOOMLION from Indonesia through mobilizing global sources. In the future, the company will collect more medical supplies around the world to assist the front and help prevent and control the epidemic.


△ ZOOMLION Donates More Than 50,000 Face Masks to Changsha High-tech Zone to Help Prevent and Control the Epidemic

It is reported that since the development of the epidemic, ZOOMLION has played an active role, taken social responsibility, and acted constantly. On January 23, through the Internet of Things, it quickly dispatched concrete equipment, cranes, earthwork machinery, and other equipment to support the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals. Meanwhile, it also actively assisted in the construction of “Xiaotangshan” emergency hospitals across China. On January 29, among its staff worldwide, ZOOMLION launched the action of Global Purchase of Medical Materials for Epidemic Prevention and Control to keep searching and purchasing medical protective masks, gloves, goggles, protective suits, and other supplies urgently needed for epidemic prevention worldwide. At present, nearly two million pieces of medical protective materials have been shipped home from all parts of the world. 

On February 5, resuming its operation in a precise and orderly manner, ZOOMLION focused on not only epidemic prevention and control but production and operation to protect the health of its employees, serve the society, and contribute to the country. Now, with increasing production capacity of ZOOMLION, its products are being delivered in an orderly manner and rushing to the construction of key national engineering projects.