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Zoomlion Super-large Tower Cranes Help Build Airport in Kuwait, Making Zoomlion Set a Record for Exporting the Largest Traveling-type Tower Cranes from China


In recent years, under the influence of the Belt and Road Initiative, equipment manufacturing enterprises, particularly Zoomlion, enjoy strong momentum of development in the Middle East. Days ago, six T2850-120 120t traveling-type tower cranes from Zoomlion were shipped to Kuwait. It is reported that these cranes will be used for the construction project of Kuwait International Airport, one of the nine new airports in the world and a national key infrastructure project in Kuwait. With the export of these tower cranes, Zoomlion sets a record for exporting the largest traveling-type tower cranes from China.


 Working Sketch of Kuwait International Airport Project

Data show that the construction project of Kuwait International Airport is one of the big projects in Kuwait’s development plan. With a total investment of 6 billion USD and an annual passenger throughput of 50 million, the airport is considered as a world-class green airport. Featuring an appearance similar to that of a spacecraft, its glass windows can filter sunlight and reflect the heat away, while the large-size solar panels on the roof can utilize the abundant sunlight in the desert for electric power generation. Upon completion, the airport terminals will be the first in the world to receive U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED GOLD certification, providing a strong demonstration effect. In addition, the airport will relieve the air traffic pressure of Kuwait and become a new hub for air transport in the Middle East.

Zoomlion tower cranes will be mainly used for building Terminal 2. According to LIMAK, the project constructor and a well-known international contractor, the project requires that the tower cranes to be used be able to travel with load and have very good performance in terms of placing heavy loads accurately at appropriate positions, stability, jogging and safety.

After making careful comparisons among products from a number of international equipment manufacturers, even famous brands from Europe and USA, LIMAK finally chose T2850-120 traveling-type topless tower cranes from Zoomlion. “As we have used Zoomlion products before in projects in Turkey, etc., we find that Zoomlion products boast stable performance, high efficiency, guaranteed services and 24/7 full supports covering product model selection, non-standard foundation design, installation & debugging and training, etc., which ensures us to complete projects on time without the worries behind. Therefore, we fully trust Zoomlion’s quality and its international brand,” explained the purchasing manager from LIMAK.


 T2850-120 Traveling-type Topless Tower Crane from Zoomlion

Available information shows that these six tower cranes will be working in the center part of the terminal for hoisting the heaviest structures with the largest workload. According to the principal from Zoomlion, T2850-120 tower crane is a star product from Zoomlion with a jib length of 85m, a hoisting capacity up to 120t, stable performance, high safety, high cost-effectiveness and topless tower cranes’ adaptability to group operation in airports, which are factors that have been taken into consideration by customers before purchasing the model.

Furthermore, as the site conditions require that the crane can travel with load, T2850-120’s traveling-type foundation is customized as a block-type foundation that can facilitate site construction and rail extension, thus significantly saving construction costs and time for customers.

Zoomlion’s development in Kuwait is but an epitome of its in-depth layout in the Middle East. By taking the market share of tower crane products as an example, Zoomlion ranks first among domestic manufacturers. What’s more, the company has complete parts and after-sales service systems in the Middle East, among which the first construction machinery parts center in Dubai was established ten years ago, which alone can achieve full coverage and availability support for parts services in the Middle East.

 “As Kuwait and Dubai are important business and commercial centers in the Middle East as well as key parts of the Belt and Road, we will take these two countries as the support points to make the localization of our products and service strike roots and flourish in the Middle East by linking work at selected spots with that in entire areas,” said the principal from Zoomlion.