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ZOOMLION's "Cloud Marketing" Sails for Its Oversea Debut Live Show and Brings in Over RMB 200 million Worth Orders


ZOOMLION's "928 Overseas Super Purchase Festival" was ceremoniously held on the afternoon of September 28th, attracting customers and agents from all over the world to watch with the number of online viewers topping 230,000 and making a good start with the sales of RMB 206 million.


△ ZOOMLION's928 Overseas Super Purchase Festival won 30 million US dollars (RMB206 million) orders

The 928 Overseas Purchase Festivalof this time was held by ZOOMLION particularly for rewarding overseas customers out of gratitude for their support and trust in the course of ZOOMLION's development of internationalization and sharing the fruit of its development with global customers. Based on its experience acquired from this year's live shows, ZOOMLION assembled five categories of products on the festival: construction hoisting machinery, concrete machinery, earthmoving machinery, aerial work platforms and agriculture machinery under its wing, and put 20 products in great demand on sale at the lowest discounted prices according the annual preferential scheme for showing gratitude.

In the live show staged the ZOOMLION 25 t autocrane, an "Internet influencer" in the hoisting field, which can be rated as the industry benchmark of lightweight pump trucks, the maneuverable and flexible "elfin" aerial work platform,the excavator known as a "fine tool for gold excavation", the large-sized sugar cane extractor as the "best partner of sweet causes" and other star products one after another.


During the Live Streaming, Sales Staff Interact Ceaselessly with Customers from All over the World

Various good words such as "Awesome", "Beautiful" and "Good" swarmed into the live show chat room. Different preferences such as vouchers, shocking special prices or 15% steep discount, and model truck gifts were being generously given to overseas customers, the number of viewers in the live show chat room was increasing without cease, and more and more customers were placing orders with the words "buy, buy, buy" swimming on the screen.

"The promotion episode" witnessed the number of viewers surging to over 230,000," said a staff from the relevant overseas company of ZOOMLION. "The value of the orders for the products reached USD 30 million (approximately RMB 206 million) at the end of the show."

The 928 Overseas Purchase Festivaldrew the overseas customers and agents closer to ZOOMLION, in addition to winning ZOOMLION orders.


Foreign Professional Anchor Go into ZOOMLION'sMajor Parks to Carry out Live Streaming Promotion

"We exhibit and promoteour products on the site and in actual scenarios during the live show, so customers and friends can know more about ZOOMLION by familiarizing themselves with our products as well as appreciating the powerful strength and outstanding image of ZOOMLION as high-end equipment manufacturer in the world in the process of demonstrating all the parks. Under the circumstances where the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is still underway, the gathering in the live show chat room shortens the distance between us and global customers and strengthens our relations," said the person responsible for relevant overseas affairs of ZOOMLION.