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Exhilarating the Whole Tower Crane Industry! Zoomlion Sells One Tower Crane Per Second and There’re Nearly RMB 5 Billion Orders in 120 Minutes


There’re more than 6600 tower crane orders in 120 minutes and the order value is nearly RMB 5 billion, that is, each tower crane is sold per second; such sales rate was not generated on the e-commerce platform, but appeared in the purchasing meeting of Changde Zoomlion for tower crane new products.


New Product Series of Zoomlion’s Tower Cranes Were Enthusiastically Purchased by Customers

After the annual sales of Zoomlion’s tower cranes was announced as exceeding RMB10 billion on the morning of December 25th, Zoomlion launched a new cross-generation of W products immediately and the products were enthusiastically purchased by more than 300 customers on the afternoon of December 25th, which was another good news on the same day that the new product purchasing meeting won orders valued nearly RMB 5 billion.

High-quality, refined-technology, high-efficiency and high-intelligence have become the labels of Zoomlion’s tower crane products. It’s known that the launch of new product series marks that the Zoomlion’s tower crane technology has reached a new level, which forms a generation difference with the existing products in the market from other manufacturers, becoming a superior product series towards the world and leading the industry. The safety, environmental protection, humanization and high precision of PC construction requirements of the times are perfectly integrated in the new products' performance, comprehensively reflecting the essence of intelligence.

Yesterday morning, Zoomlion held the activity of “Building Glory • Realizing a Dream of 10-Billion Sales” & groundbreaking ceremony for Phase II of the intelligent plant, for the purpose of celebrating that Zoomlion’s tower crane business ushers in a milestone moment of annual sales value exceeding RMB 10 billion, which marks Zoomlion ranks first in the world in this field. Moreover, after the commencement of Phase II of the intelligence plant for tower crane manufacturing, Zoomlion will realize the full intelligent manufacturing for tower cranes and elevators, and will comprehensively start a new manufacturing transformation of “intelligent production line, intelligent scheduling, intelligent test and intelligent logistics”, which will allow Zoomlion to keep the leading advantage in the world’s largest scale of intelligent plants and new intelligent manufacturing for tower cranes, and to start a new journey from the world’s biggest one to the strongest one.