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Impressive Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition of Zoomlion ZCC9800W Crane In May 16, on the second day of 2019 Changsh


In May 16, on the second day of 2019 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition, there were thousands of professional audiences who had a great view of the latest technological achievements and originality of nearly 1200 global engineering machinery enterprises. The largest equipment in this exhibition is the Zoomlion ZCC9800W crawler crane with a height of 178m, attracting many audiences participating in the exhibition to scramble to take a photo as a memento due to its “majestic” size. It deserved to be the strongest king in this exhibition and was delivered to the clients and then directly transported to the site for construction after the exhibition.


Overlooking the Zoomlion ZCC9800W crawler crane on 2019 Changsha Exhibition

It is understood that the ZCC9800W crawler crane is a 4.0 competitive product built by Zoomlion through integration of information, intelligent control, structural optimization, new materials, intelligent manufacturing and other advanced technologies. It is made of China’s first multi-diameter combination boom, with a maximum length of 178 meters and a maximum lifting height of 180 meters, which completely meets the lifting of mainstream wind turbines with a height of 160m.

“ZCC9800W crawler crane has a height of 178 meters, equivalent to the height of 60-storey building”, said Zoomlion’s site personnel. “It has outstanding technological advantages such as excellent lifting performance, superior handling performance, convenient disassembly and transportation, and intelligence and others.

As reported, the comprehensive lifting performance of ZCC9800W crawler crane is superior to that of products with the same tonnage, in which case, for the wind power conditions, it can meet the requirement of lifting a 140m 3MW wind turbine or 160 m 2.0 ~ 2.5 MW wind turbine. Thanks to China’s first multi-diameter boom combination, its boom length is up to 178 meters and the maximum lifting height up to 180 meters, which updated the industry's records for super-long arm combinations. The product has good jogging performance, accurate positioning of lifting and hoisting; and it can realize any compound action of multiple mechanisms with high work efficiency. Meanwhile it is also equipped with an intelligent management and control service system, thus realizing remote monitoring work status, remote fault diagnosis, and abnormal alarm and prompt. With the automatic maintenance prompting and other functions, the equipment management level is effectively improved.

The poor maneuverability is a shortcoming common to large crawler cranes. However, ZCC9800W crawler crane has achieved a breakthrough in this respect. It is known that the disassembly technology is applied to ZCC9800W crawler crane for its upper and lower structures, leading to maximum transport unit weight of 40 tons, thus meeting the requirements of road transportation. Meanwhile, the product has a lightweight and modular design and fully mechanized disassembly/assembly, so it can be completely assemble for the longest wind power conditions within 24 hours and make the transportation and assembling/disassembling operation convenient and efficient.

Since the launching of the ZCC9800W crawler crane, it has completed the installation of wind turbines in Shandong Yantai Wind Farm, Zhejiang Gaoyou Wind Farm, Hebei Nangong Wind Farm and Jiangsu Wind Farm. Among them, the ZCC9800W crawler crane has successfully assembled Vestas' first 152-meter-tall tower unit during its operation in Jiangsu, updating the records for the tower height in China's wind power industry.


ZCC9800W crawler crane operation in Jiangsu Wind Farm

The powerful performance and excellent quality have allowed the ZCC9800W crawler crane to win the contract sales at the exhibition site. Meanwhile, in addition to the ZCC9800W crawler cranes, ZCC5200S, ZCC3000, ZCC1800 crawler cranes, ZAT8000V753, ZAT4000V753, ZAT3000V753 all-terrain cranes, and batched truck cranes also have achieved contract sales.


Delivery of ZCC9800W crawler crane to the client on the exhibition site

It is known that, Zoomlion is one of the earliest high-end equipment manufacturers that have the comprehensive R&D and manufacturing capacity for upper structure and chassis of a truck crane, and has the solid R&D strength and leading technological advantage in the crane field. Zoomlion took a lead in breaking through the industry’s technologies, developing a series of world-class star products, such as the world’s most powerful wheeled crane QAY2000, crawler crane ZCC3200NP with the world’s largest tonnage. In the future, Zoomlion will still adhere to the craftsmanship spirit, keep professional and focused, forge the nation’s treasures using the latest concepts and most creative ideas and continue to lead the development of the engineering machinery.