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Excavator ZE1250ESP

• Proprietary intelligent power control system that ensures the most optimized configuration for the super high power system and super high flow multi-pump and multi-valve hydraulic system to provide efficiency and power saving
• Large capacity bucket and optimized devices that enhances operational efficiency significantlyat adverse miningenvironments and during complicated operations
• Good ergonomic design with low vibration and noise, wide and comfortable full view cab to provide stable operation 

Key    ParameterWorking masskg122000121200123000
Rated powerkw/rpm567/1800567/1800567/1800
Standard bucket capacity(SAE)m35.377
System    flow
   (Max. pressure/ Max. flow)
-32 /35    Mpa
   1560 L/min
32 /35    Mpa
     1560 L/min
32 /35    Mpa
     1560 L/min
Engine model-Cummins
Max. torqueN.m/rpm3448/13503448/13503448/1350
Traveling speed (low/high)km/h2.17/3.222.17/3.222.17/3.22
Slewing speedrpm5.55.55.5
Max.  drawbar pullkN735735735
Digging force of bucket (ISO)kN545578579
Digging force of stick (ISO)kN450445608
Basic    ParameterSlewing radius of tailmm498049804980
Tail lengthmm480048004800
Counterweight ground clearancemm184818481848
Min. ground clearancemm990990990
Ground contact lengthmm520052005200
Track lengthmm661566156615
Track gaugemm390039003900
Track widthmm460046004600
Track shoe widthmm700700700
Height of grousermm505050
Slewing table widthmm549254925492
Operating    RangeMax. excavating radiusmm153551411011400
Max. excavating distancemm149851371010900
Max. excavating heightmm131501295012330
Max. discharging heightmm865083808700
Max. excavating depthmm942580003650
Max. vertical excavating depthmm69004840/
Min. slewing radius of frontmm79606470/
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