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Truck Crane ZMC60

1. 5-section 43 m long U-shaped main boom, 2-section 16 m long jib, maximum lifting height up to 59.5 m.
2. Max. load moment of the basic boom: 200 tm, max. load moment of main boom (fully extended):107 t?m, max. lifting capacity of main boom (fully extended): 9.5 tons.
3. The all wheel steerable four-axle special purpose chassis for truck crane, offering excellent road & off-road capabilities, maneuverability and driving reliability.
4. Stable control performance, with the work speed, movement smoothness and micro-positioning perfectly balanced.
5.  Optimized ergonomic design improves operation safety and work efficiency.

Technical description
Main boom: Weight optimized, with superior lifting capacity and smooth telescoping process
Optimized boom:
The boom in optimized U-type boom profile is made from 960 premium-grade high-tensile steel.
Outstanding lifting capacity and stability:
Besides the exceptional lifting capacity, the intermediate and long boom variants are especially with extraordinary stability.
Patented telescoping technology:
With the technology, telescoping cylinder I and cylinder II can be telescoped in or out in any sequence, thus providing you with more and flexible working condition choices.

Working performanceMax. rated lifting capacitykg60000 
Max. load moment of basic boomkN.m1960 
Max. load moment of main boom (fully extended)kN.m1050 
Max. lifting height of basic boomm12.6 
Max. lifting height of main boomm43.6The    parameters do not include deflection of main boom and jib.
Max. lifting height of jibm59.5
Work    speedsMax. hoist rope speed (main winch)m/min120 
Max. hoist rope speed (auxiliary winch)m/min120 
Boom    derricking up times50 
Boom    extending times95 
Max. slewing speedr/min0 - 2 
DrivingMax. driving speedkm/h80 
Max. gradeability%37 
Min. turning diameterm≤20 
Min. ground clearancemm270 
Oil consumption per hundred kilometersL43 
MassDeadweight in driving conditionkg42000 
Complete vehicle kerb masskg41870 
Front axle loadkg18000 
Rear axle loadkg24000 
DimensionsOverall dimensions (L × W × H)mm13750×2800×3730 
Outrigger spread (L)m5.92 
Outrigger spread (W)mFully extended:
     7.10    m
     Intermediately extended: 4.80 m
Tail slewing radiusmm3900 
Main boom lengthm11.4 - 43.0 
Boom angle°-2 - 80 
Jib lengthm9.5,    16.0 
Offset°0, 30 
Construction Case Picture
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