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Paver ZP(S)3880

1. High power + super-long tracks, strong adaptability to working conditions.
2. Fully upgraded hopper, scraper and auger distribution systems; distribution efficiency improved by 50%.
3. Specially reinforced and more durable material channels.
4. CAN bus digital transmission electric system.        

Model ZP3880ZP3980ZP1280
Engine model DEUTZB71-24T3RDEUTZB71-26T3RDEUTZM8
Engine rated power (Kw)   175Kw186Kw206Kw
Engine rated speed (RPM) 200020002000
Paving capacity (t/h) 90010001300
Max paving thickness (mm) 450450450
Flatness (mm/3m)333
Paving speed (Km/min)202020
Walking speed (Km/h)
Auger blade (mm) 420/360  420/360480/420/380
Hopper capacity (t)181818
Construction Case Picture
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