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As Astana World Expo Enters the Countdown Stage, Zoomlion Helps Build the Main Pavilion to Show the Charm of Products Made in China


As a professional exhibition that receives global attention in 2017, EXPO 2017 Astana is scheduled to take place between June 10 and September 10, 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan. The Expo's theme is "Future Energy" and it will be the first time that World Expo is to be held by a Central Asian country.

Upon arrival in Astana City, you will find that a huge globular building is very eye-watching—it is the landmark building of this Expo, where the national pavilion of Kazakhstan is located. According to the sponsor, the building is so far the largest globular one in the world boasting a diameter of 80 meters and a height of 100 meters, with pavilions of other countries evenly distributed around it in a ring shape. It is learned that Zoomlion, a Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprise, has made remarkable contributions in building this grand pavilion with over ten models of engineering machinery products, whose highly efficient, precise and stable performances help a lot in building the pavilion, showing the world the force and charm of products made in China.


Figure 1: Zoomlion Tower Cranes Help Build Astana Expo Pavilion

According to the architect from Kazakhstan, the construction of the main pavilion of Kazakhstan puts especially strict requirements on the engineering equipment. By report, the main pavilion of this Expo is contracted by SEMBOL CONSTRUCTION to build, one of the top three construction giants in Kazakhstan. Twelve large-tonnage Zoomlion tower cranes, seven Zoomlion truck cranes and one Zoomlion bulldozer have participated in the pavilion construction, among which four Zoomlion D1100-63 are the super-large tower cranes with the maximum hoisting capacity in the Central Asia.

“This kind of design and manufacturing requires such super-large tower cranes as Zoomlion D1100-63 to meet the demands of working conditions.” According to the principal of Zoomlion, D1100-63 is a new model of self-climbing tower crane features superstructure slewing, double lifting points, level jib and horizontal trolleying. With a hoisting capacity of 9.8t at the 80m jib end, the tower crane adopts variable frequency stepless speed-regulating motor to significantly optimize the system’s running stability and improve positioning accuracy, making operation easier and more user friendly. Meanwhile, PLC (programmable logical controller) is used to control all actions, thus improving the reliability and safety of the whole crane. 




Figure 2: Design Sketch of Main Expo Pavilion of Kazakhstan

It is learned that Zoomlion has dispatched four professional engineers to the site for follow-up services. As long as the equipment entered the site, the engineers performed active services, quick assembling and patient training, and they immediately started guarantee services upon completion of equipment delivery. Their professional and considerate services have been highly recognized by KINYAS, General Manager of SEMBOL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, “ZOOMLION products are not only easy to install and operate, but also robust and durable……ZOOMLION brand is a key competitive factor for our bidding and also a hard core for completing the construction works”.

Helping build the main pavilion of Kazakhstan is just an example of Zoomlion’s participation in a number of world-class events, and is also the second time that Zoomlion is involved in Expo construction. Data show that Zoomlion once helped build the Chinese Pavilion in Expo 2015 Milano, and except for the concrete building construction of Chinese Pavilion in Milan, Italy, Zoomlion crane equipment also provided all-round services like hoisting and installation as well as emergency rescues.

Stretching across the Eurasia, Kazakhstan is the first station on the Silk Roads extending to the west from China. The direct economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and Kazakhstan are of far-reaching significance to promote the development of the “Belt and Road”. As a leading enterprise in the engineering machinery industry, Zoomlion has been explored the market in Kazakhstan for over ten years, dedicated to efficiently helping the construction of local infrastructures.

Entering the market of Kazakhstan early in 2005, Zoomlion has gained innumerable great achievements over a dozen years from the initial task dispatching and contract signing to the current dealer channels and localized operation. Zoomlion formally established Kazakhstan Branch Company in 2014 to take charge of after-sales service guarantee for equipment, so that all Zoomlion products there can enjoy a faster and safer guarantee and service efficiency and parts replacement speed can be greatly improved. According to the principal of Zoomlion Kazakhstan Branch Company, the population of Zoomlion equipment takes up approximately 20% of the market share in the local engineering machinery market.

Representing the products “made in China”, Zoomlion takes the opportunity of EXPO 2017 Astana, and the manufacturing strength and wonderful future that will be brought to the hot spot of Central Asia are worth looking forward to.