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ZOOMLION’s Overseas Customers Donate Protective Materials from Thousands of Miles Away and Show Sincere Friendship by Act of Love


Confidants cannot be estranged from each other by distance, and neighbors can live thousands miles away from each other. On February 12, 15,000 face masks purchased by Singapore-based Transit-Mixed Concrete Ltd. (“TMC”) from Indonesia arrived at ZOOMLION’s headquarters in Changsha after customs clearing in Shenzhen. Against the epidemic, overseas customers donated rare medical protective supplies to ZOOMLION, fully showing the sincere friendship between them. The care from customers moved and encouraged every ZOOMLION employee very much.


TMC Purchases Face Masks from Indonesia and Donates Them to ZOOMLION


Letter of TMC on Donating Face Masks to ZOOMLION

It is reported that TMC is a listed company and No.1 concrete pump leasing company in Singapore. Starting to cooperate with ZOOMLION since 2012, the company has purchased nearly 60 sets of ZOOMLION pumping equipment in total and developed a deep friendship with ZOOMLION. When learning that China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic was severe, it generously assisted and proactively purchased medical protective materials to fully support ZOOMLION’s epidemic control work.

Affected by the epidemic, Singapore’s medical protective supplies have also become tight. To purchase more materials, by contacting its Indonesian partners for assistance, TMC eventually purchased 15,000 face masks and quickly shipped them to Changsha with much effort.

In January 2020, Liu Jianfang, CEO of TMC, visited Changsha to attend the ZOOMLION Annual Conference & Awards 2019 for the first time. “TMC’s CEO Liu, as our VIP customer, visited Changsha and attended ZOOMLION’s annual conference”, said Cao Dong, Manager of ZOOMLION Malaysia. “Afterwards, he gave a very high praise to the event by a special letter.”

In the letter of thanks, highly appreciating ZOOMLION’s annual conference, Liu said that he was honored very much to participate in this event on invitation. The program planning and performance of the entire conference showed the extraordinary work capacity of ZOOMLION’s staff. He was very impressed by the clear and pragmatic speech by ZOOMLION‘s Chairman Zhan Chunxin, excellent symphony, and wonderful ballet performance. In the letter, he wished China an early victory over the NCP epidemic.


TMC CEO Liu Jianfang Attends the ZOOMLION Annual Conference & Awards 2019 on Invitation

“We are greatly moved by the customers’ act of love. Our corporate culture of ‘eternal sincerity and long profoundness’ has not only deeply influenced ourselves but passed on to our customers all over the world. In distress, love exists and lasts forever. ZoomIion will also pass on such love and care to more people in need”, said Cao Dong.