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Big News! Zoomlion Releases New Aerial Work Products to Create the Industry's Future


   On October 25th, themed "Climbing Higher for a Brighter Future”, Zoomlion held the Aerial Work Machinery Product Launch Conference at Wangcheng Industrial Park. At the conference, the aerial work machinery company were grandly launched 8 brand-new high-end intelligent products in three categories. Meanwhile, Zoomlion's aerial work platform automated production line, the industry's first intelligent production line covering the whole production process of scissor lift aerial work platforms, was also officially unveiled. This conference represents the great R&D achievements made by Zoomlion’s Aerial Work Machinery Company, and marks the important achievements of Zoomlion in extending its industrial chain and expanding into new business areas.

 In a speech given at the new aerial machinery launch conference, Zoomlion’s Chief Engineer Fu Ling said that Zoomlion’s entrance into the field of aerial work machinery is a significant step forward following the Company’s implementation of its strategy of focusing on engineering machinery, and the launch of its intelligent aerial work machinery factory also advances the Company's strategic layout in intelligent manufacturing. The Company is providing rich resources and strong support for the smooth launch of its aerial work machinery products in such aspects as technology, capital, markets, services and finance. Zoomlion will actively seize market opportunities, strengthen its technical advantages and adopt a long-term vision in order to guarantee that its aerial work machinery brand becomes a high-end brand in the industry.


A grand occasion unfolds at the site of Zoomlion’s “Climbing Higher for a Brighter Future” Aerial Work Machinery Product Launch Conference


  China Construction Machinery Industry Association Executive Vice-President and Secretary General Su Zimeng delivers a speech at the event


 Zoomlion’s Chief Engineer Fu Ling delivers a speech at the event

 The Brilliant Launch of New Products Leading the Aerial Work Machinery Industry

The 8 new aerial work machinery products released by Zoomlion cover the self-propelled electric scissor lift type, curved arm type and straight arm type. Based on Zoomlion's traditional technical advantages and supplemented by such new technologies as the Internet of Things (IoT) and modern sensing, these new products are characterized by "reliability, simplicity and efficiency", with several indicators reaching industry-leading level; they also meet the requirements of European, American and national standards, and can provide customers and aerial work operators with a safe, efficient and comfortable user experience.

As a "bestseller" in the aerial work machinery industry, the scissor lift aerial work platform has always been popular in the market by virtue of its compact size, high cost performance and wide application range. Zoomlion released 6 scissor lift aerial work products in three series: electric hydraulic drive, electric drive and lithium battery.

According to the Technical Director, the scissor lift platform has a designed platform height of 6-12 m and a maximum bearing capacity of 350 kg, enabling it to support three people working at height within the vertical lifting range. It can be widely used in construction, workshop construction, housing decoration and maintenance, etc. At the same time, Zoomlion pays special attention to safety and stability in its scissor lift platform products; the designed center of gravity is low and the lateral deflection is small, contributing to high operation stability. The products are mainly battery powered, green and environmentally friendly, and their endurance is more than 10% higher than that of their peers. At present, Zoomlion’s scissor lift products have obtained the relevant qualifications to be sold in the markets of Europe and Southeast Asia.

In addition, the two arm-type aerial work platforms presented at the launch event all adopt a four-wheel-drive cross-country chassis with a maximum climbing capacity of 45%, satisfying a range of outdoor work conditions. Among them, the curved arm aerial work platform ZA14J is China’s first 14 m curved arm product designed for super-large load and dual load, and its bearing capacity is more than 30% higher than that of other products in the industry. At the same time, the product adopts a zero-tail pendulum design, making it very suitable for operation in narrow space.

The other straight-arm aerial wok operation platform ZT26J has reached industry-leading level in micro-motion control, with a minimum telescoping speed of 20 mm/s and a leveling accuracy of less than 1.5 degrees. The product adopts a boom structure of three telescopic arms plus flying arms, and has been optimized in the aspects of telescopic boom stability and leveling accuracy, making it an absolutely leading aerial work platform.


 Zoomlion Aerial Work Machinery Company General Manager Ren Huili gives a product presentation at the event

 Intelligent Manufacturing Leads the New Trends in the Industry

 It is worth mentioning that the 8 new aerial work machinery products released by Zoomlion all adopt modern sensing and IoT technology; equipped with artificial intelligence "brains", they can realize intelligent fault warning and diagnosis through such means as remote management platforms, mobile APPs, equipment self-control systems, etc. The complete sensing system can provide accurate safety warnings in case of overloading, tilting, potholes, etc., thereby maximizing the convenience and safety of mechanical operation.


 Zoomlion’s new scissor lift aerial work platform is unveiled


 Participants observe Zoomlion’s new aerial work machinery

After the press conference, the participants also visited Zoomlion’s intelligent aerial work machinery factory and experienced the world’s leading intelligent automatic production line. According to the introduction, this is the first intelligent assembly line in the industry which covers the whole production process of scissor lift aerial work platforms. With an annual capacity of 12,000 scissor lift aerial work platforms, it adopts the most cutting-edge production technology, most environmentally friendly equipment and most rigorous process management in the industry. Each production process can achieve seamless docking, and robots or AGVs (Automatic Guided Transport Vehicles) are used in the loading and unloading, material transfer, workpiece welding, painting, etc. In addition, RGVs (Rail Guided Vehicles) and the air EMS transport line can realize the accurate three-dimensional delivery of materials. Being “automatic and intelligent” is its greatest feature.

At present, in response to the new technological revolution of AI, sensor technology and IoT, Zoomlion is constantly evolving and upgrading. Through intelligent products, intelligent factories and intelligent services, Zoomlion will accelerate its transformation and upgrading from an “equipment manufacturer” to a “manufacturing service enterprise”. As China Construction Machinery Association Vice-President and Secretary-General Su Zimeng said, “Zoomlion stepping into the aerial work machinery sector is required by the major trends of the Digital Age. I believe that in the future, Zoomlion will compose an even greater chapter in the field of aerial work machinery and pursue mutual progress with machinery engineers who possess rich originality in order to create a better future.”

 Broad Market Prospects, Bright Future Development

Covering construction, landscaping, advertising and other industries, aerial work machinery involves products with very high permeability and little impact from the industry cycle. With the development of the social economy, people from all walks of life are paying increasing attention to safety, and safety products are enjoying broad market prospects; the domestic aerial work machinery market is currently growing at a rate of 30% to 40% per year, and the rental market has enjoyed a compound growth rate of 100% over the past few years. Aerial work platforms are an ascendant “blue sea” market.

According to industrial analysis, assuming that China’s development of aerial work platforms reaches the European level in the future, the corresponding number of aerial work platforms will be 630,000. At present, China’s holding volume is only 40,000, with growth space of 16 times, and the corresponding market size is expected to reach nearly RMB 100 billion. Assuming such development reaches the American level, the corresponding growth space will be 40 times. In the future, China’s aerial work platforms are expected to usher in a rapid development period.


 At the press conference, Zoomlion holds a signing and licensing ceremony with relevant customers

At the same time, as a new type of aerial work equipment, aerial work platforms have obvious advantages over such traditional aerial work equipment as scaffolding in terms of safety and cost. With the gradual improvement of safety production systems in the construction industry and other industries, increasing awareness of construction safety, increase of human cost and relative reduction of the labor force in China, the demand for the replacement of such aerial work equipment as traditional scaffolding by aerial work platforms is also increasing. In addition, although aerial work platforms are mainly used in the field of construction, their downstream applications are also very extensive. “It is estimated that the composite growth rate of China’s aerial work platform industry will reach 40% during the 13th Five-year Plan period. High-end intelligent products will be the future development direction of the industry’s leaders.”

Facing the huge potential of the aerial work machinery market and focusing on the engineering machinery industry, Zoomlion held its 2017 Annual General Meeting in June this year at which the Company announced that it will engage in emerging sectors in order to comprehensively promote aerial work machinery manufacturing. At the meeting, Zoomlion disclosed that it plans to become first domestically in the first 3 years (2018-2020) and join the global top three in the following 3 years (2021-2023) in this field.

As China Construction Machinery Association Vice-President and Secretary-General Su Zimeng said at the press conference, “Zoomlion’s intelligent aerial machinery products embody its profound scientific research background and strength. In the future, relying on its globalized financial system and supporting service network, Zoomlion will provide global customers with aerial work equipment system solutions that will help them maximize their equipment utilization ratio and bolster their return on investment.”