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ZOOMLION Agricultural Machinery Signs a Donation Agreement with the Dominican Ministry of Agriculture to Strengthen Cooperation and Help the Sustainable Development of Dominican Agriculture


On January 20th, the video conference and signing celebration of province and city friend relationship agreement between Hunan, China and Santo Domingo, Dominica was held in Changsha of Hunan Province. Xiong Yanming, Vice President of ZOOMLION and Chairman of ZOOMLION Agricultural Machinery signed an agricultural machinery donation agreement with Cruz, Minister of Agriculture of Dominica, under the witness of Xu Dazhe, Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, Mao Weiming, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Acting Governor of Hunan Province, Mejia, Mayor of Santo Domingo, Zhan Chunxin, Chairman of ZOOMLION and many other guests.


ZOOMLION Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZOOMLION Agricultural Machinery) stated that the company responded to the national "the Belt and Road" Initiative and actively participated in the strategic action plan of the initiative in Hunan Province. On the basis of the profound friendship between China and Dominica, ZOOMLION Agricultural Machinery donated agricultural machinery to the Dominican Ministry of Agriculture, and promoted bilateral cooperation in agricultural technology, agricultural machinery products and smart agriculture to jointly realize the sustainable development of Dominican agriculture.


According to the donation agreement, ZOOMLION Agricultural Machinery agreed to donate an AS60T crawler-type sugarcane harvester to the Dominican Ministry of Agriculture, and will also send technicians to provide training and technical support for local operators and equipment maintenance personnel. The donated crawler-type sugarcane harvester is scheduled to be delivered in Dominica before March 2021.


△ ZOOMLIONAS60TCrawler-type Sugarcane Harvester and Auxiliary Products are Working Together


The donated AS60T crawler-type sugarcane harvester is a product selected by ZOOMLION Agricultural Machinery after field investigation. It is known that Dominica is located in the tropical region with a small annual temperature fluctuation, so sugarcane is one of the main crops in the country, with an area of 110,000 hectares and an annual output of about 5 million tons of sugarcane. At present, the mechanization rate of sugarcane harvesting in Dominica is 60%, and the manual harvesting rate is 40%.


A head of ZOOMLION Agricultural Machinery said: "The manual harvesting of sugar cane is one of the most arduous and hard jobs in farmland operations. The local sugarcane harvest season lasts from December to next June, and the rainy season starts from April. After the rainy season, the tire adhesion of vehicles is weak, while the crawler belt that is used in Zoom lion’s machine can reduce the ground contact pressure of the whole machine, in addition, there are many slopes in sugarcane fields in the country, so the crawler-type sugarcane machines will be more suitable for harvesting in local areas."


This donation also brings a new opportunity for the development of Zoom lion Agricultural Machinery in Dominica. Zoom lion Agricultural Machinery is actively negotiating agricultural machinery business cooperation with many local agents to promote targeted agricultural machinery products such as crawler-type sugarcane machines, crawler-type rice machines and tractors to enter the Dominican market.


As subsidiary of Zoom lion to undertake the agricultural equipment and agricultural service industry, Zoom lion Agricultural Machinery provides full mechanization solutions for agriculture. Its products cover four series of products, namely, dry field operation machinery for northern China, paddy field operation machinery for southern China, cash crop machinery and post-harvest treatment machinery. The company actively expands modern agricultural management modes such as smart agriculture and agricultural service, and has a perfect R&D system and marketing network at home and abroad, with its business reaching more than 70 countries and regions around the world including Asia, South America, Europe and Africa.


"In recent years, ZOOMLION Agricultural Machinery has accelerated its export and is popular in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and other regions."This donation is a new starting point for the win-win cooperation between ZOOMLION Agricultural Machinery and Dominican Ministry of Agriculture. While promoting the development of Dominican agriculture, the company's overseas market will be further expanded," said a head of ZOOMLION Agricultural Machinery."