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“Mining” Heroes Riding the Whirlwind in Indonesia, Zoomlion Mining Machinery Popular in the “Republic of Thousands of Islands”


Recently, in Kalimantan Island, Indonesia, more than ten mining dump trucks of Zoomlion were successfully delivered to customers in batches, which are about to work in local mines. In Indonesia, Zoomlion's complete sets of mining machinery have been sold many times and accumulated a good reputation among users. This delivery once again demonstrates Zoomlion’s brand influence in Indonesia.

微信图片_20221108113052.png△ Zoomlion mining dump trucks delivered to Indonesian customers in batches

As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is an important resource country and producer of minerals in Asia and even in the world, with a vast market prospect of mining equipment. Kalimantan Island, the third largest island in the world, is hot and rainy all the year round, with 80% of the area covered by tropical rain forests. The environmental factors test the quality of products, and the customers pay more attention to the adaptability of the equipment.

Zoomlion's mining dump trucks have the rated loads of 62 to 85 tons, and the advantages of larger loads, higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption, and more convenient maintenance. The mining dump truck ZT105 delivered this time is a star product of Zoomlion, which adopts high-powered engine, large-capacity cargo compartment, reinforced gearbox dedicated to use in mines, and full hydraulic steering system. As a result, the product features high power, strong bearing capacity, and agile operation. According to customer feedback, Zoomlion's mining dump trucks perform well in bad working conditions, and show trustworthy durability and attendance rate, and higher cost-efficiency. In addition, the customer also praised the two ZE750G mining excavators delivered in the same batch.


△ Zoomlion local service personnel are providing operation training

As a country along “The belt and road”, Indonesia is an important overseas market of Zoomlion. Since the establishment of a subsidiary in Indonesia in 2014, various Zoomlion products have been favored by local customers, and they have participated in the construction of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway, De Long Nickel Mine, Jakarta International Stadium, and other major local projects. Zoomlion Indonesia has successively set up offices in places like Balikpapan, and Palembang, an important city in Sumatera, thus further implementing the localization strategy and improving the sales, spare parts supply and service networks, which has boosted the increase in the market share.


△ Zoomlion products at Mining Indonesia

At present, while speeding up the pace of going global, Zoomlion always adheres to the concept of “technology as the root, and products as the foundation” to build high-quality, high-efficiency, and high-reliability construction equipment and provide better supporting services, so as to achieve win-win development together with customers at home and abroad.