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Rotary Drilling Rig ZR220D

• Employing powerful original Cummins electronic control engine, together with electric control system and hydraulic system of Zoomlion core technology, make this product giving full play to its working capacity. Under same working condition, comparing with similar rated power of rotary drilling rig from other manufacturers home and abroad, it will reduce fuel consumption by 10%.
• By using international advanced CAN BUS, virtual instrument technology and sensors with unique performance, accurate control and working monitoring are realized in this rotary drilling rig.
• Hydraulic system has higher working efficiency and shows more energy-saving characteristics by employing international advanced hydraulic technology of load sensing and load sensitive.
• The chassis of rotary drilling rig, dedicatedly developed by Zoomlion, with heavy-type hydraulic telescopic crawler, is of super strong stability. It proved excellent maneuverability,easy to transport.
• An optimized luffing mechanism, with supporting joint raised, reduces mast deformation in a considerable extent. It ensures stability of mast, and improves hole making accuracy.
• Kelly-bar pressure anti-hilt device can protect kelly-bar effectively, give full play to its capacity, and ensure perpendicularity of hole making.
• Power swivel’s multi-working condition control system and flexible adjustment of drilling mode could consequently accommodate more complex condition.
• Drilling depth’s auto-detection is a Zoomlion patent of drilling depth detection device with high-accuracy , and its detection accuracy is several times more than other devices at home and abroad.
• Crown winch has a long stroke,it can be used in CFA condition.        

Drilling Diameter(mm)1800
Drilling Depth(m)inter-locking48
Drilling Speed(r/min)7-26
Engine ModelCummins QSL9
Rated Power(kw)242
Rated Engine Speed(r/min)2000
Max.Crowd Force(kN)200
Max.Crowd Cylinder Pull(kN)200
Line Pull(main winch)(kN)220
Line Speed(main winch)(m/min)68
Line Pull(aux.winch)(kN)90
Line Speed(aux.winch)(m/min)66
Operating Mass(t)70
Traction Force(kN)423
Diesel Tank(L)68
Rope diameter(Main winch)(mm)28
Rope diameter(auxiliary winch)(mm)22
Construction Case Picture
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