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ZOOMLION Contracts Sales of 47 Rough-Terrain-Cranes Worth Nearly RMB 100 Million in the Middle East Market


Encouraged by the Belt & Road Initiative, machinery manufacturers, represented by ZOOMLION, are robustly expanding their business in the Middle East in recent years. Days ago, the Middle East client placed the order of purchasing 47 ZRT850 Rough-Terrain-Cranes worth nearly RMB 100 million from ZOOMLION, highlighting again the strength and international influence of made-in-China products. 


ZRT850, the ZOOMLION rough-terrain-crane

Mr. Lu Yangchen, Director of ZOOMLION Construction Crane Research Institute, said excitedly, “ZRT850 is the combination of 4.0 mobile crane’s upper part and chassis of rough-terrain-crane. It is featured by exceptional performance, robust power and flexible operations. The order for 47 units worth nearly RMB 100 million proves the product is recognized by the market.”

ZRT850 was exhibited in Bauma 2019 in April. Mr. Lu continued, “It has passed few certifications such as ANSI in North America, CE in EU and EAC of the Customs Union, which enable it to enter major markets in Europe, America and the Middle East. Besides, it is the sole rough-terrain-crane of China that has gained the green mark of access to Satorp working sites. Thanks to its powerful performance and high cost effectiveness, ZRT850 has received extensive attention from clients. The Middle East client actually showed keen interest in purchase at Bauma 2019. They decide to purchase it after making detailed comparisons and holistic study.”

ZRT850 rough-terrain-crane is the 80t-level 4.0 product developed by ZOOMLION for oil field projects. After experiencing the strictest 4,200 hoisting tests and experiments in extreme working conditions, the product gains excellent quality and powerful performance. Moreover, it has greatly reduced the cost of production and use after adopting the modular and general design.

Mr. He Xinwei, Product Manager of ZOOMLION Mobile Crane Branch Company, said, “ZRT850 is equipped with five-section U-shaped main boom and two trussed fly jibs. The main boom has 49.8m maximum lifting height while the fly jibs have 67.1m maximum lifting height. The maximum rated hoisting ability is 85t. Its long and mid-arm hoisting performance takes the leading position in the world. Besides, ZRT850 has the super-powerful capability of loaded driving, with the maximum weight of loaded driving reaching 28t. The product provides 8.8t counterweight as the standard configuration. Besides, it also provides 10.5t optional counterweight to expand the hoisting ability.”

“When developing products for overseas markets, we give great emphasis on localization. To cater to special working environment and requirements in the oil fields, our R&D team has improved some designs in ZRT850 so that the product is more reliable and stable with better heat radiation performance”, said He Xinwei.

At the same time, to adapt to all extreme working conditions and improve the terrain performance, ZRT850 uses the special heavy-load chassis, large-ball wide-rail slewing bearing and 4×4 four-wheel drive. Equipped with full hydraulic steering system, it has multiple turning models such as front/rear-wheel turning, four-wheel turning and crab motion, enabling it to drive on muddy and bumpy roads and operate in narrow zones and deserts. Besides, the leading BUS control system and light & sound alarm for failure and danger ensures the operation safety on the real-time basis.

The rough-terrain-cranes, featured by wonderful mobility, flexibility and loaded driving, can be used extensively in hoisting operations and installation projects in oil fields, chemicals industry, mines, ports and wharfs, and construction sites, in particular on the complex terrain surfaces. It is used a lot in Europe, North America and other developed markets. In recent years, rough-terrain-cranes are gradually used in the Middle East, North Africa and other markets. It also has huge potential in the domestic market in China.

ZOOMLION, the leading machinery manufacturer, always takes the lead in the industry. In 2009, ZOOMLION launched China’s first 55t rough-terrain-crane. It is also China’s first manufacturer whose all-series TUV gained ASNI certification. Till today, the rough-terrain-crane product portfolio ranging from 30t to 100t has been established in ZOOMLION.


The ZOOMLION rough-terrain-crane ZRT850 purchased by the Middle East client

“Nowadays, our rough-terrain-cranes have been sold to SE Asia and the Middle East, etc., making wonderful performance in the overseas market. I am convinced that, with the exceptional product quality and powerful performance, ZOOMLION will continue to upgrade its brand influence and increase the market share”, said Mr. Liu Yuxin, the Deputy General Manager of ZOOMLION Mobile Crane Branch Company.