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Zoomlion Supports the Construction of the Largest Transportation Infrastructure in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor with More than 60 Equipment


Recently, some of the sections of "Sukkur to Multan" of the “Largest Transport Infrastructure” project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor were opened to traffic in advance. The opening of these sections marked the significant periodical achievements in the "Early Harvesting Project" under the framework of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Facing the situation featuring tight schedules and heavy tasks, Zoomlion provided intensive support to the construction with its 63 construction equipment, which played an important role in the early completion of the highly anticipated "Pakistan's first two-way six-lane highway with intelligent traffic functions ".


△Zoomlion's products participate in the construction of the largest transportation infrastructure in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

As a key project along the Belt and Road, the Section “Sukkur to Multan” of the Peshawar-Karachi Expressway project has a total length of 392 kilometers and a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The section completed in advance this time is approximately 33 kilometers long and was contracted/ co-built by CSCEC. Zoomlion provided equipment for this construction, which makes this achievement a model project for the Chinese enterprises to "Go abroad en bloc". This opening to traffic is 15 months ahead of the scheduled delivery date, and the Pakistani people praised the speed of construction. 

“We have provided batches of complete sets of equipment for the construction of this key project, including 22 concrete equipment, 7 mobile cranes, 18 road machineries and 16 earth-moving machineries.” , said the relevant in-charge person of Zoomlion. To in line with the project's progress requirements and construction conditions, Zoomlion selected a variety of its star products. 

At the very beginning of the project, Zoomlion's 16 ZD220-3 bulldozers started the operations, including surface cleaning, backfilling of the site, bulldozing of earth and rock, etc. According to the in-charge person of the project, in order to ensure the progress of the construction, the ZD220-3 bulldozers worked continuously day and night and ensured the smooth construction effectively and perfectly without any faults. 

The construction contractor also sing high praise for Zoomlion's 2 sets of concrete batching plants. It is understood that both batching plants are mainly used for bridges, steam and water-passage projects in this section. In more than two years, cumulative production of 150,000 CBM of concrete was produced by these two batching plants. It is the excellent performance and stable production efficiency of the batching plants that allows the project to be completed in a short time. 


△ Several Types of Zoomlion Road Machines are Working Efficiently

The section of the road between Sukkur and Multan features bumpiness, hillsides and hilly terrains. In addition, it requires to pave 12 meters in one time, therefore, the construction contractor hopes to be equipped with a kind of road machinery for their construction, which features high precision, superior performance and availability to roll out in wide width. After screening, the customer finally chose Zoomlion's new-generation ZP3880AN90DT paver, which is equipped with a reliable high-power engine of Germany make and the advanced iPave fine paving electronic control system. The machine has promoted the construction greatly with its outstanding construction capacity and paving result.


△ Several Types of Zoomlion Road Machines are Working Efficiently

The service engineers of Zoomlion in Pakistani stated that in the project, facing the situation which is characterized by large quantity of equipment and tight schedule, Zoomlion's service engineers stationed in the project and solved problems for customers at the first time. 

Under the “the Belt and Road” initiative, Zoomlion’s subsidiary in Pakistani has achieved localized operation completely. In order to better serve customers, more than half of the employees in the company are local people. At the same time, the subsidiary has its own warehouse of parts and information platform to cover the whole Pakistan, and in this manner to realize the interconnection of materials among part warehouses of Zoomlion, suppliers and customers. A comprehensive service system of 7 days x 24 hours is also implemented. Not only does the customer feel the efficient service, it also ensures the faster completion of the construction. 

It is understood that Zoomlion has sold more than 1,000 pieces of equipment to the Pakistan market. The subsidiary in Pakistani provided supports in terms of sales, service, training, and other business areas. The company has also set up offices in major cities such as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, etc. Zoomlion has become a powerful builder of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and an important building force in Pakistan. "We hope to establish a deep friendship with the Pakistan brothers and provide better products and services for Pakistan's infrastructure construction."