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Roaring “Bull Run” Kicking off Year of the Ox! 1.1B+ Gush of New Year Shipment Orders for ZOOMLION


Feb 18 marks the formal resumption of business after the Chinese New Year holiday. ZOOMLION’s corporate activities “Setting Course for Great Journey, Striving for Great Achievements” are well underway in the company’s manufacturing bases around the country. As the resounding percussion of drums and gongs ushering in the New Year, ZOOMLION staff personnel are embarking upon a new journey for a roaring Year of the Ox in an invigorating high spirit! Echoing the lively exuberance of our staff is the bustling scenes in the company’s dispatch yards, when rows upon rows of our celebrated products series valued at more than 1.1 billion Yuan are rolling off the assembly lines in our industry parks in Lugu, Quantang, Wangcheng, Changde, Kaifeng, Hanshou, Wuhu, and other locations. This is aptly a roaring “bull run” to set off the Year of the Ox, auguring well for burgeoning and prosperous business in 2021!


ZOOMLION’s hoisting machinery business is as robust as ever by commanding a lion’s share of the market segment, with construction cranes and engineering cranes consistently retaining its globally top-ranking position. In the first day of “start of business” in the Year of the Ox, the dispatch yard in our manufacturing base for crawler cranes has witnessed a steady stream of twelve 1000t-class products being shipped to customers in the fields of wind power generation, petrochemicals and other major industrial development projects; in our Quantang and Hanshou industry parks, formidable hundred-strong columns of truck cranes are rolling out of the factory gates on delivery to customers all around the country; another batch of about 200 tower cranes and elevators are rolling out from our smart manufacturing base in Changed on their way to contribute to development around the world. The order book of RMB 420 million for various hoisting plant and machinery makes for an impressively brisk start for business in 2021.


   ZOOMLION’s Dispatch Yard for Crawler Cranes


   A Tower Crane is Leaving ZOOMLION’s Dispatch Yard on Its Way to Customer

During the first two days of “start of business”, neatly lined up long “green columns” of concrete mixing machinery valued at nearly RMB 200 million, brightly adorned with big red flowers in the cabs, are rolling out of ZOOMLION industry parks in Lugu and Yuanjiang on the way to customers around the country. Over the past year, ZOOMLION’s concrete mixing machinery business achieved outstanding results with the help of its unique technological specialty by successfully launching a series of new mainstay products, including “concrete pump truck with hollow-section placing boom”, “lightweight mixer truck”, “containerised environmentally-friendly mixing plant” and so forth, winning acclaim and market share. The division will in the New Year ahead continue to strive for excellence with invigorated energy to accomplish greater achievements.


   Concrete Pump Trucks are Rolling out from the Lugu ZOOMLION Industry Park

There is a festive atmosphere in the dispatch yard of the Weinan ZOOMLION Industry Park with banners and colour ribbons fluttering in the wind, as nearly a hundred excavator and bulldozer products are driven out of the factory gate into the morning sun. ZOOMLION’s earthmoving machinery division introduced a constant stream of new products in 2020, with significant expansion in its market share and the network of service depots, as well as boosting its output capacity to achieve a historical record in sales volume; the inaugural year for ZOOMLION Smart Manufacturing Industrial City has been marked by rolling out the first set of mid-large scale excavator, as smart manufacturing is elevated to an all-new level. Product shipment volume broke a new record in the first day of business after the Chinese New Year holiday break, which bodes well for the prospect of new record in full-year business results for 2021. This also stands testimony to ZOOMLION’s positive outlook and driving thrust to capture market share of earthmoving machinery business.


   Excavators and Bulldozers are Shipped from the Weinan ZOOMLION Industry Pa

In the Wangcheng ZOOMLION Industry Park, the procession of a column of more than 200 aerial platforms is setting off on their delivery trips to customers all over the country. In the week that follows, as work resumes around the country after the New Year holiday break, there will be a further stream of RMB 200 million worth of similar products to be dispatched to customers around the country. In 2020, ZOOMLION’s aerial platform and machinery division became a top-ranking vendor with delivery volume doubling from 2019 level and it has since been maintaining this impressive momentum. After bidding farewell to the past year, the dawn of the New Year will be poised to see ZOOMLION’s aerial platform and machinery business continuing to expand its market share in much greater depth and breadth, in the process winning greater and brighter prospects.


   ZOOMLION’s Aerial Platform and Machinery Division’s Product Delivery Ceremony in the First Day of Business for 2021

A festive atmosphere also permeates product delivery proceedings at ZOOMLION business divisions for hoisting machinery, mining machinery, emergency equipment, and dry mixing machinery; with all product lines breaking new records for delivery volumes.


   ZOOMLION’s Piling Equipment is Being Delivered to Customers from Its Shanghai Manufacturing Base


   Ceremony to Dispatch a ZOOMLION Firefighting Product

Whilst our engineering machinery manufacturing is busy handling brisk business, the production and shipment for our agricultural machinery are also abuzz with activities. In ZOOMLION’s industry parks in Wuhu, Kaifeng, and Hanshou, a steady stream of tractors, seedling transplanters, harvesters, baling machine and other farming machineries are dispatched to users around the country.


   ZOOMLION’s Farming Machinery Products are Dispatched to Users Around the Country


   ZOOMLION’s Mining Machinery Products are Delivered to Customers Around the Country

Upon heralding the Year of the Ox in 2021, ZOOMLION’s employees are upholding the “three oxen spirit” whilst dedicating themselves to hard work, innovation, and commitment to duty with an invigorated spirit to carry out production and business activities for the company, engendering much vigour and dynamism to our manufacturing bases.


   ZOOMLION’s Employees are Hard at Work to Fill Orders in an Industrial Vehicle Workshop


   In the Lugu ZOOMLION Industry Park, An Engineer is Fine-tuning a concrete pump truck

By firmly adhering to the guiding principle of high quality and balanced development, ZOOMLION has achieved unprecedented operational results and business service quality in 2020. Our preeminent business has been accelerating growth with new and emergent business areas increasingly gaining momentum; our strategic business sectors are also growing fast and increasingly empowering the company’s core business activities; our key component supply-chain is fast maturing to the point of enabling us making a breakthrough in forging a RMB 100-billion class manufacturing flagship group, ready to establish a ground shaking market presence. As the year 2021 inaugurates the “14th Five Year-Plan” when brand-new phase of development, brand-new development notions and brand-new outlook beckon, the great flagship of the Chinese economy will also enter an all-new era with great vista. ZOOMLION will embark upon an all-new great journey toward the grand strategic objectives of “three heights and four news”, writing an all-new chapter in high quality development and development of smart new cities, thus accomplishing all-new achievements in our illustrious traditions