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Bulldozer ZD220-3/ZD220F-3

Cummins NT855-C280 engine(3rdgeneration) provided strong power and high efficiency and realizes low consumption.        

Key    Technical ParameterBlade type-Tilt BladeAngle BladeTilt Blade
Working masskg236002387024650
Blade capacitym36.44.8 
Engine model-NT855-C280(BC3)NT855-C280(BC3)NT855-C280(BC3)
Rated power/Slewing speedkW/rpm175175175
Max. torqueN.m/rpm1078/12501078/12511078/1250
Min. fuel consumptiong/kW.h208208208
Max. Drawbar pullKn207207202
Ground pressurekPa7676 
Traveling speed of forwardkm/h3.6/6.5/11.23.6/6.5/11.23.6/6.5/11.2
Traveling speed of Reversekm/h4.3/7.7/13.24.3/7.7/13.24.3/7.7/13.2
Basic    Technical ParameterHeight of cabmm3354——3397
Height of ROPSmm33853523——
Ground contact lengthmm273027303050
Height of blademm131510551248
Track center distancemm200020002000
Height of grousermm727272
Track shoe widthmm560560610
Operating    RangeMax. lift height of dozermm121012921545
Max. drop depthmm538536490
Max. lift height of rippermmsingle-shank 538
   multi-shank 555
Max. ripping depth of rippermm666666666
Max. tiltmm735——735
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