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Aurora Green Lifts Are First Exported to Cyprus and the Eye-catching Brand Fuels ZOOMLION's Sustained Breakthroughs in the European Market


Construction Lifts in aurora green have stood markedly on the site of a large residential project in the beautiful coastal city of Limassol in Cyprus during the past few days. The appearance of the touch of aurora green as the symbol of ZOOMLION marks the debut of ZOOMLION lifts in Cyprus, reflecting that ZOOMLION is constantly opening new prospects for its construction hoisting machinery in the European market.


△ZOOMLION construction lifts are first exported to Cyprus

"The energy-saving frequency conversion lifts used in Limassol's residential project this time are ZOOMLION's 4.0 star products as the first batch of lifts the company has exported to Cyprus," said Li Zongshan from ZOOMLION's Construction Hoisting Machinery Company (Europe).


This product of Model SC200/200EB(BWM-3S) is characterized by stable properties, safety, reliability, energy conservation, consumption reduction, easy assembly and disassembly, amazing adaptability and other advantages according to relevant description. The product, equipped with high-efficiency reduction gears and user-friendly manual and automatic modes integrated operation system, can save energy by over 20% in comparison with the ordinary construction lift and further reduce labor intensity of construction workers.


In addition, it ranks among the top products in the industry as for intelligence: this product, supplied with the automatic levelling system for construction lifts, intelligentized management system and remote management system developed independently by ZOOMLION, enables the realization of such functions as one-card start-up, identity authentication, status display and fault self-diagnosis. Some information shows that this product has obtained 18 patents and won a first prize of "Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Awards".

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△Local staff are assembling the ZOOMLION lift.

When it came to this cooperation, Li Zongshan thought that it was a "surprise".


"The customer is a large operator with its parent company in Dubai, providing lift platform assembly and maitenance services in the Middle East region. To exploit the European market, the customer just established a subsidiary in Cyprus. The customer fully knows that ZOOMLION, a veteran company in the Middle East market and also as a brand name, is influential in the Middle East region. The customer puts trust in the products of the company. It was less than two months from the customer contacting us via our official website to the cooperation being built," said Li Zongshan.


In fact, such "surprises" are becoming more and more unsurprising. ZOOMLION, which has been fighting its way in overseas markets, is well received in more and more areas, generating an increasingly remarkable brand effect.


This year has seen ZOOMLION's new breakthroughs one after another in penetrating the markets of major countries and regions outside China: the company exported ZAT4000 all terrain truck cranes to Malaysia, breaking the pattern of European and American brands dominatingthe Southeast Asian market for all terrain truck cranes large in tonnage for years; it built cooperation with Slovenia's largest tower crane leasing company, penetrating the European high-end tower crane market; its first T600-32R flat-top tower crane was exported to the U.S., the company moving a big step forward on its way of extending its market in North America.


"The equipment has been in a good working state since its arrival at the project site according to the customer who has kept in close touch with us over many other projects. It is expected that the customer will buy more ZOOMLION products. Quality helps win trust just as the cooperation with this customer shows. We believe that ZOOMLION will surly make more and greater achievements in the European market on the strength of excellent quality," Li Zongshan said with confidence.