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Zoomlion Tower Cranes Dominate Affluent Markets and Help Build Saipan—Pearl of the Western Pacific


Recently, six Zoomlion tower cranes T8030-25 with aurora green paintings are sparing no efforts in helping build the largest international integrated entertainment resort in Saipan, a scenic spot in the western pacific. Specially tailored for countries like USA and Canada, this model of tower crane is well represented in the market and has been frequently used for building various key projects. In addition, many truck cranes and crawler cranes from Zoomlion are also used for the resort project to jointly construct Saipan—Pearl of the Western Pacific.


Zoomlion Tower Cranes are Working in Scenic Saipan

As Saipan is a well-known tourist destination, many special requirements are put on the construction equipment used on the island. “On one hand, operations in the scenic spot shall be safe and stable; one the other hand, efficient and continuous operations shall be ensured to put the hotel facilities into use ASAP. What’s more, the products’ appearance shall conform to Saipan’s green ecological environment,” says the project manager. After repeated comparisons, Zoomlion’s star product T8030-25 tower crane comes to customers’ attention.


Zoomlion Helps Build International Integrated Entertainment Resort in Saipan

Jointly developed by Zoomlion and P&J Company, a leading tower crane enterprise in the North America, T8030-25 tower crane has already been showcased at many international exhibitions. Boasting excellent hoisting capacity and performance, it is a self-climbing topless tower crane reaching the international advanced level, with a max. hoisting capacity of 25t and a jib length varying from 40m to 80m.

Equipped with intelligent fault diagnosis system, the T8030-25 tower crane features simple erection, easy maintenance, stable and safe frequency conversion during hoisting and lowering process as well as stable HVV control for the middle and high speed of slewing operation. It was once used to construct the Rolex Building in the city center of Dallas in USA and has obtained much of customers’ attention at Bauma 2016 Exhibition in Munich, Germany and CONEXPO Exhibition in Las Vegas, USA.

According to the principal from the customer side, “In view of the American federal government is deeply concerned by this project in Saipan, we have made comparisons from many aspects for purchasing construction equipment. In the overseas projects, we have cooperated with Zoomlion for many times, and Zooomlion, with efficient products and perfect services, is very trustworthy.” 


Boasting both Excellent Performance and Beautiful Appearance, Zoomlion Tower Cranes Dominate Affluent Markets

As the project is located on the island, Zoomlion dispatches a professional service support team to make quick and efficient response to any service demands. During construction by the equipment, resident service engineers will offer customers considerate 24/7 services.

Ever since Zoomlion bought out the full range of technologies of Germany JOST topless tower cranes in 2011, Zoomlion tower cranes have successfully entered affluent markets like Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and North America. In the future, Zoomlion will share more green and intelligent results with the world and integrate itself into the global industrial ecology in a more open mind.