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Amazing Made-in-China Products! ZOOMLION Jib Tower Cranes Appear in Turkey to Push the Construction of the Tallest Building in the European Mediterranean


The grand ceremony for delivering the jib tower cranes to be exported to Turkey was held in Changde Intelligent Factory of ZOOMLION on October 23. This type of equipment will be employed in building the tallest building in the European Mediterranean region - Istanbul International Finance Center of Turkish Central Bank, a challenge to Made-in-China products in terms of construction height.

According to some information, the products exported to Turkey this time are ZOOMLION's intelligent and efficient L760 jib tower cranes of a new generation, star products well received by overseas customers. And this export reflects the impact of ZOOMLION tower cranes on overseas markets. More than that, it manifests the outstanding strength of made-in-China products represented by ZOOMLION's products as for serving the construction of the world's superhigh buildings.

屏幕快照 2020-10-29 16.22.52.png

The ceremony spot of shipping ZOOMLION jib tower cranes to Turkey

Some reports show that Turkey has been devoting itself to planning and building an international finance center in the  Mediterranean Region as a hub for joining Eurasian financial activities and collecting relevent information in recent years. The completion of the Istanbul International Financial Center project, Turky's key national-level project, will be of extraordinary significance.

It is natural that such a high-standard project is extremely demanding in terms of construction equipment selection. "The customer raised higher customized requirements on the product delivery cycle, properties, technical parameters, logistics and the like," said the responsible person from the Construction Hoisting Machinery Company of ZOOMLION.

According to his description, the customer required the equipment manufacturer to deliver the products, with a maximum payload capacity of 29.8 t at the height of 35 m, satisfying multiple conditions including a high stand-alone height and a small tower body section, within 110 days after order confirmation.

ZOOMLION stood out in the process of the customer's choosing from a selection of high-end brands. The customer project manager expressed," We trust ZOOMLION and made-in-China products due to ZOOMLION's solemn commitment to the product properties and delivery cycle!" He added that ZOOMLION also offered to modify their technical scheme and surmounted a number of difficulties on their behalf during a couple of discussions, effectively reducing costs in usage and transport.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has added to the difficulties faced by quite a few domestic enterprises in extending overseas business. The sales of ZOOMLION's construction hoisting machinery are growing against the trend in South Korea and major European countries. Moreover, year-on-year growth is also expected to see in ZOOMLION's overseas business through the year.

"Without the trust of a wide of customers and the efforts of each ZOOMLION staff, ZOOMLION would never make so dazzling achievements." We will "guard" our customers' way to development with our best products and services and contribute to the world's construction without cease," said the responsible person from the Construction Hoisting Machinery Company of ZOOMLION.