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Big News ∣ ZValley of Zoomlion Releasing Industrial Internet Platform, Leading New Future of Intelligent Manufacturing


On Dec.18, ZValley of Zoomlion held a news conference in Changsha to officially release ZValley OS, marking that Zoomlion has achieved a milestone breakthrough in industrial internet development.

Leaders and guests such as Mao Junfa (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Shan Zhiguang (Director of Information and Industry Development Department of State Information Center), Li Xiaohong (Deputy Major of Changsha City), Zhu Wan (Deputy Director-General of China Hunan Provincial Science & Technology Department), Xiong Chen (Chief Engineer of Industry and Information Technology Department of Hunan Province), Zhan Chunxin (Chairman of the Board and CEO of Zoomlion), Fu Ling (Chief Engineer of Zoomlion and Chairwoman of the Board of ZValley) and Wang Xiaodong (CEO of ZValley) unveiled ZValley OS and witnessed this exciting moment together with all the other persons attending the conference.

Thirteen Years of Incubation, IoT and Internet Enabling Industrial Upgrading

Fu Ling addressed the news conference and indicated that industrial internet is an important carrier of digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing industry. Zoomlion has started to research the application of IoT in remote monitoring since as early as 2005. By taking intelligent products as point of breakthrough and depending on such technologies as sensing, IoT and big data, Zoomlion has further promoted the comprehensive interconnection of human beings, machines and things since 2014, so as to facilitate intelligent and digital enterprise products, manufacturing, service and management. As an important sector of Zoomlion extending its business to an emerging industry, ZValley not only serves to help Zoomlion transform its business to new manufacturing, but also enables, replicates and outputs the industrial internet technologies, application scenarios and business modes to help more manufacturing enterprises achieve industrial upgrading.


▲ Fu Ling, Chief Engineer of Zoomlion and Chairwoman of the Board of ZValley, was addressing the news conference.

Headquartered in Shanghai, ZValley is an industrial internet high-tech company which upgrades traditional industries and drives the change of traditional commercial modes based on such emerging digital technologies as cloud computing, IoT, big data, AI and block-chain. The management team members of ZValley are executives, professors as well as technical and operating talents from Zoomlion, GE, well-known colleges and universities and large state-owned enterprises. Having started to research and apply IoT and big data as early as 2005 and deeply fused the information technology with the industrial technology continuously, ZValley is one of the earliest teams carrying out IoT application researches and practices in the construction machinery industry. The company has a strong industrial background, rich experience in implementing the industrial internet platform and its application, and a global industrial internet vision.

Wang Xiaodong indicated on the news conference that by taking “Let IoT and Internet technologies serve industries” as its mission and “application-orientation, further development of the industry and ecological upgrading” as its goal, ZValley is determined to become a world-leading industrial internet platform and solution provider. At the same time, Wang Xiaodong also shared cases such as remote intelligent monitoring, alarm and predictive maintenance of equipment failures via the industrial internet platform, determination of payment collection efficiency based on big data and service quality improvement, intriguing the great interest and high affirmation of the leaders and guests attending the conference.


▲ Mr. Wang Xiaodong, CEO of ZValley, was sharing cases.

According to Wang Xiaodong, ZValley will focus on four extension fields relevant with the main business of Zoomlion – industrial internet, smart city, smart agriculture and industrial finance by taking application scenarios as core and surrounding the product advantages and industrial layout of Zoomlion as well as the long-term experience of ZValley in practical application of IoT and internet technologies, so as to provide autonomous and leading vertical industrial internet platforms and solutions for clients, to address the key problems in typical business scenarios such as enterprise operation, government regulation, urban construction, agricultural planting and emergency relief by big data analysis and industrial APP, to realize the true value of clients and to help the clients reconstruct and innovate their commercial modes.

In the high-end conversation of the news conference, Mao Junfa (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Shan Zhiguang (Director of Information and Industry Development Department of State Information Center) discussed “industrial internet, big data and AI enabling the digital economy” deeply.

Release of ZValley OS,  ZValley Equipping the Industry with a “Smart Brain”

According to Wang Xiaodong, Zoomlion has been on the way of embracing new technologies and new technologies and achieved the deep fusion of big data technology with 4.0 intelligent products. Ready by standing on the shoulders of giants, taking data as core and focusing its efforts on service objects, service value and service mode, ZValley accelerates Zoomlion to transform its business from traditional manufacturing to high-end intelligent manufacturing service. During the process, the industrial internet APP developed by ZValley has played an important carrying role.


▲ Mr. Wang Xiaodong, CEO of ZValley, was sharing cases.

ZValley released “ZValley OS” officially on the news conference. According to Zhang Hua in charge of ZValley OS, ZValley OS has connected over 200,000 sets of equipment assets (hundreds of billions of Yuan), acquired over 9000 kinds of data parameters and stored PB levels of data. Therefore, the platform is able to provide multilevel industrial internet value services, such as equipment connection, industrial internet platform, big data analysis and micro-service APP, to equipment manufacturers, government regulation departments, financial institutions, equipment users, maintenance service providers and so on.

ZValley OS has two basic characteristics of openness and security, the core characteristics of easy connection and easy use, and the genetic characteristics of industry attribute. As a plug-and-play platform, ZValley OS enables multiple protocols to be loaded onto the cloud quickly, is subject to modular graphic programming which enables software to be put on the line quickly, is designed with input and output interfaces of unified standards, and can realize the security situation awareness of end-to-end security platform. At the same time, the platform takes root in the industry to help intelligent manufacturing, and is able to halve the production period and improve the personnel efficiency by 50%.Applicable to various industrial scenarios, such as engineering machinery, numerical control machines, gateway equipment, agricultural machinery, environment sanitation facilities, water affairs handling facilities, fire-fighting equipment, textile equipment, medical equipment, metering devices, special vehicles, logistics forklifts and industrial robots, ZValley OS will become a domestically leading and world-class national multi-industry and cross-cutting industrial internet platform.

It’s reported that ZValley has also released engineering machinery user-oriented equipment management application “Intelligent Manager” and leasing business management application “Intelligent Leasing” in the bauma China held in November, both winning the high attention and high praise of visitors.

Seizing Industrial Internet Field,  Leading “Intelligent Manufacturing” Future

At present, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation are booming. The industrial Internet represented by the new generation of information technology such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things has become the catalyst and new engine to seize the commanding heights of the industry and promote economic growth. 

Zoomlion, the parent company of ZValley, is also following the development trend and taking measures when appropriate. With the deep technological background and advanced technological innovation, Zoomlion actively promotes strategic transformation, constantly explores intelligent products, digital manufacturing, information management and intelligent services, and bases the "product" + "capital" markets to promote the integration of "manufacturing + Internet" and "industry + finance" to build a high-end equipment manufacturing and service enterprise integrating engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, financial services and industrial Internet.


▲ Scene of ZValley industrial Internet platform conference

In 2014, Zoomlion launched the Product 4.0 strategy. It takes the “modular platform + intelligent products” as the core to promote product portfolio optimization; takes product intelligence as the breakthrough point to lead in putting forward the industrial interconnection strategic policy of "products on line, data in cloud and market in hand" in the whole industry; and with 4.0 intelligent products as a carrier, deeply integrates technical connection equipment of sensing and interconnection, enterprises and customers through the Internet of Things, big data and mobile Internet. At present, Zoomlion has initially established a new equipment manufacturing mode of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent products and intelligent services transformed and upgraded from traditional manufacturing, driving the deep transformation and development of engineering machinery industry chain.

In 2018, Zoomlion continuously promotes optimization and listing of 4.0 intelligent products. In the first half of the year, it developed 9 4.0 intelligent engineering machinery products. ZTC251 and ZTC800 intelligent truck cranes are equipped with big data and single-machine intelligent technology. Remote fault diagnosis and equipment management technologies are integrated into the mobile APP, realizing safe, accurate and efficient operation and being well received by the market.

As the highlight, the foundation of ZValley and the release of ZValley OS, the ZValley industry Internet platform, have enhanced the leading position of Zoomlion in the industrial Internet field while inheriting and developing the good quality of the industry Internet and it will also accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Zoomlion from "equipment manufacturer" to "manufacturing and service enterprise".

Experts express that the industrial Internet has strong permeability. In addition to upgrading the manufacturing industry, industrial Internet can also be extended to an indispensable infrastructure for network and intelligent upgrade in various industrial fields. At the same time, it promotes the evolution and upgrading of network infrastructure and promotes the leap of network applications from virtual to physical and from life to production. ZValley is actively developing strategic planning in several key areas, which will also play an important role in promoting the industrial Internet to provide important support for safeguarding and improving livelihood and to provide new opportunities for the construction of a network powerhouse.

Fu Ling said, "ZValley is a large platform for cross-field exchanges. Unlimited connection, collision of thoughts, technical exchange and capital assistance will definitely promote ZValley to become a brand new industry sector and create a new height in the industry of Zoomlion."