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Electric Reach Truck YB16-R1

Safe & Efficient
• Speed limit function when fork rising to high position can avoid forklift dumping.
• Suspension system and imported drive unit with floating design make the driving comfortable and safe.
• Fork falling buffer system can reduce impact noise and make the goods safe.
• The high capacity storage battery is superior than same models in forklift industry, which ensure the working hours during once charging."
• Automatic speed limit function when turing can avoid the forklift dumping and goods thrown out caused by high speed.

Flexible control
• Suspension system and imported drive unit with floating design make the driving comfortable and safe.
• Steering wheels return to middle automatically when the machine be started, which is safe and convenient.
• Battery removing device is in button type, which makes the battery replacement easy.
• The integrated EPS steering system makes the control precise, easy and convenient, which can reduce the driving fatigue efficiently.
• The steering angle and position can be displayed in real time. 180 ° steering angle is convenient for the smooth and fast steering in a narrow channel.        

Operator typeStand
Rated capacityQ(kg)1600
Centre of loadc(mm)500
Front overhangx(mm)405
WeightCurb weight (battery included)kg2522
Axle loading (none load) driving/bearingkg1691/831
Axle loading (full load&mast extended) driving/bearingkg572/3550
Axle loading (full load&mast retracted) driving/bearingkg1580/2542
WheelsTire driving/bearingPU/PU
Driving tire size mmφ343*140
Bearing tire size mmφ254*100
Auxiliary tire sizemmφ178*76
Wheel No. driving/bearing (x=driven)1x/2+2
Track width,drive wheelb10(mm)575
Track width,load wheelb11(mm)985
DimensionsFork carriage tile angle,forward/backward°2/4  *
Height of mast,loweredh1(mm)2035 *
Free lifting heighth2(mm)100 *
Lifting heighth3(mm)3000 *
Height of mast,extendedh4(mm)3930 *
Height of overhead guard(cab)h6(mm)2250
Height of reach legsh8(mm)290
Overall lengthL1(mm)2149
Length to fork faceL2(mm)1229
Overall widthb1/b2(mm)1090
Fork dimensionss/e/l(mm)40*100*920
Fork carriage installation Level DIN 151732A
Fork outer width,minumum/maximumb5(mm)200-680
Width between reach legsb4(mm)750
Reach travelL4(mm)580
Ground clearance,mastm1(mm)80
Ground clearance,centre of wheelbasem2(mm)90
Aisle width,pallet 1000×1000 pallet crosswaysAst1(mm)2454
Aisle width,pallet 800×1200 pallet lengthwaysAst2(mm)2654
Outer turning radiusWa(mm)1668
PerfTravel speed, laden/ unladenkm/h9.5/10
Lifting speed, laden/ unladenmm/s260/360
Lowering speed, laden/ unladenmm/s370
Forward speed laden/ unladenmm/s100
Maximum gradeability, laden/ unladen%8/15
Accelerating time laden/ unladens5.5/5.0
PowerDrive motorkw6.4(AC)
Lift motorkw8.2(AC)
Steer motorkw0.6
Battery voltage/capacity(5h)V/Ah48/360
Battery weightkg623
OthersType of drive controlMOSFET
Working pressurebar165
Steering angle°180
Construction Case Picture
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