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152m! A New Record for Wind Power Lifting! Zoomlion ZCC9800W Crane Reaches a New Height


A few days ago, Zoomlion ZCC9800W crawler crane lifted the first V120-2.2 MW wind turbine with a hub height of 152m in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, creating another new height and new record in the China’s wind power industry.


▲Lifting for a height of 152m using Zoomlion ZCC9800W crane in Yangzhou created a new record

With an installed capacity of 100 MW, the wind farm project in Yangzhou, Jiangsu is designed to employ 46 WTGSs with a unit capacity of 2.2 MW. The hub center height of the WTGS is 152m, which is the highest steel wind turbine tower implemented for domestic batch installation. Compared with a common tower height of 120m in the industry, the WTGS with a tower height of 152 used in the wind farm project in Yangzhou, Jiangsu can have its annual generating capacity increased by about 16%, significantly improving the wind energy utilization and project benefit. 

The higher the tower is, the greater the lifting construction difficulty will become. The new R&D technology applied leads to a complex lifting process, and the WTGS is ultrahigh, oversized and overweight. In addition, the project is situated in an area including the farmland, riverway and lotus root pond, where the transportation roads and operation environment are also complex. All these conditions test the product performance and quality, increasing the lifting construction difficulty.

“In terms of transportation, approaching and assembly, the advantages of the ZCC9800W crawler crane are clear and obvious”, said the person in charge of the project construction.

It is understood that the upper and lower structures disassembly technology is applied to the ZCC9800W crawler crane. The maximum transport weight of a single piece is 40 tons, meeting the requirements of road transportation. Meanwhile, the product uses a lightweight and modular design and fully mechanized disassembly, therefore the assembly under the longest wind power conditions can be completed within 24 hours, leading to convenient and efficient transport and disassembly.


▲Zoomlion ZCC9800W crane is assembling the turbine hub at the construction site

After the ZCC9800W crawler crane enters the construction site, Zoomlion service personnel and the construction side will work together to carry out the operations, such as the product assembly, arm connection and arm lifting. According to the lifting requirements of the project, the ZCC9800W crawler crane adopts the working condition of a 159m reinforced guying main arm + a 7m wind power head, providing a rated load of 110 tons and a maximum lifting height of 165.2 meters. The ZCC9800W crawler crane smoothly completes the tower crane lifting and installation process by firstly lifting the tower from the transporter and then erecting the tower. Then the WTGS lifting is completed in an orderly manner by installing the hub, the blade and so on in succession.

The principal of the project construction side praised: “Throughout the lifting process, all the links are progressing well, and the process is smooth and steady. The ZCC9800W crawler crane having strong performance can be operated stably and efficiently. The service personnel are also serious, responsible and meticulous”.


▲Zoomlion ZCC9800W crane successfully completed the WTGS’ assembly

It is understood that the ZCC9800W crawler crane is a 4.0 competitive product created by Zoomlion through integration of advanced information, intelligent control, structural optimization, new materials, intelligent manufacturing and other advanced technologies. It uses China’s first multi-diameter combination boom that has a maximum length of 178 meters and a maximum lifting height of 180 meters, updating the industry's record for super long arm combination, thus meeting the lifting of 2.0~2.5 MW wind turbines with a height of 160m and 3 MW wind turbines with a height of 140m. Its unique wind power jib can be used for efficient disassembly and assembly. Without guying counterweight, it can carry out the lifting operation, double-hoist operation, etc., making lifting operations more efficient. In addition, it is equipped with an intelligent management and control service system, which can realize remote monitoring work status, remote fault diagnosis, abnormal alarm and prompt. Having such automatic maintenance and other functions, the equipment management level is effectively improved.

ZCC9800W crawler cranes are favored by users because of its outstanding lifting capacity, superior handling performance, efficient and convenient disassembly and transportation, and intelligent advantages. Since its launch in November 2018, the product has effectively helped the installation of WTGSs in Shandong Yantai Wind Farm, Zhejiang Gaoyou Wind Farm and Hebei Nangong Wind Farm etc. It can be called as a new generation of “super crane” for wind power.

“Wind energy is a renewable clean energy. Efficient use of wind energy depends on the innovation of the tower technology and the improvement of the construction process in this field, while requiring the construction equipment matched with it. As a globally leading equipment manufacturer, Zoomlion will devote itself to product R&D, and working with partners to construct a beautiful world with the help of our QAY2000 all-terrain cranes, ZCC8800W, ZCC9800W crawler cranes and other competitive products”, said the relevant persons from Zoomlion.