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Great future, Crucial opportunities,Huge challenges.


Distinguished leaders, guests and colleagues:

Good morning! We are delighted to gather here with the distinguished guests of Zoomlion today. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and best wishes for the Chinese New Year on behalf of Zoomlion to all the distinguished guests who have been concerning and supporting us for a long time! And also the best wishes to the retired comrades, all my Chinese colleagues, including the Italian CIFA, German M-tec and Wilbert, and the Belarusian, Russian, Indian, Dutch, American, Turkish and Brazilian colleagues. 

The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, also is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress. Under the guidance of various policies to stabilize growth, promote reform, adjust the structure, benefit the people, and prevent risks, Zoomlion enrich the progress in the substantial and committed way.We have terminated the long-term wandering u-shaped bottom and comprehensively reaching a new stage of high quality development.

However, this is only the beginning of a new phase.Today, when we stand on such a new starting point, we know that this new stage is hard-won.

We remember that market demand plummets, how we faced with three formidable challenges of accounts receivable, second-hand equipment, and heavy inventory, under the sudden steep cliff, “fearless in the trough, humble in the top”; In the transformation of healing the management defects , we are self-motivated, have determinedly walked through the hardship and aimed the higher goal. In the most difficult and dangerous torrent, we are more cohesive and fulfilled our belief, “we are together, we are ascending.” At the dawn of perseverance and struggle, we know that “the future has come, but we still deliberate on the new heights.”

In the fact, these key words are the main stream of annual conference of Zoomlion from 2013 to 2017. When we look back today, we understood that they truly, profoundly and vividly illustrated the faith of journey of Zoomlion have done. During the process, we had clambered cliff between life and death, we had profound adjustment and reform, we had thrilling contest, we had the hardships of trekking, and we are deeply touched by holding together. 

Some people questioned, what is supporting Zoomlion step out this tough situation and we still erupt such a tenacious, vigorous vitality? I would say, the infinite sincerity of culture spirit. Without the deep sincerity of the enterprise, without the true sincerity of the career, this huge u-shaped bottom may have already swallowed us; it is impossible to succeed like today! 

What's past is prologue. 

With the big picture scroll of the new era has been stretched out , the intelligent industrial city has been outlined by Zoomlion people with the wisdom of thought is becoming more clear. New technologies will be integrated across borders, new industries will grow, new drivers will be brought together, and new ecology will be harmonious and prosperous. Zoomlion will become a super energy field and an innovation field, and a big future shared by the multi-stakeholder community is coming for us.

This future is, the future of intelligence. The traditional equipment manufacturing is endowed with the wisdom and the perceptions of mankind thanks to the new science technology. Digital and intelligent management create the smart workshop, intelligent production line, integration of smart products and human spirit, this future will make intelligent manufacturing enable to perceive and fulfill the human nature; to adapt and sharpen the human nature, science and technology of the light of wisdom will shine everywhere.

This future, is prosperous future. The new generation of Zoomlion people are emerging as new force, skilled workers, masters and experts gave full play to their talents, and we are united and positive with cohesive force, Zoomlion has inheritance; modern equipment manufacturing, the growth of artificial intelligence industry has been constantly incubated, Zoomlion has reliance; the well-equipped intelligent living field facilitates Zoomlion people to live well, learn fast and educate wide in this livable home-world. More than 20 years ago, we put forward the “people live and work in peace and contentment, create a harmony and well educated community with great vitality,” realm of the development, which will be prosperously accomplished in the bright future.

This future, is the trend of the times. In this era where the source of innovation flows, our new technology, new economy and new business forms will emerge in an endless stream of updates and iterations. In this new era of entrepreneurship and innovation, it is not only the highland of talent gathering, but also the converge of capital concentrated. In this new era of openness and sharing, Zoomlion will bring together hundreds of millions, even billions of customers and suppliers, forming a closer community of common destiny and a complementary ecosystem.Therefore, this future is the future of Zoomlion, and also the future of the upstream and downstream industry chain. Our ecosphere belongs to this new era.

In the great future and crucial opportunities, there are also huge challenges. We surely understand that the struggle forges our happiness. The big future is not easy to achieve, we believe in perseverance and solid struggle could make it. Zoomlion will remain a striver to take up the challenges ahead. 

Subvert the past, which is the future. Experience, is the epitaph of the empiricist. All the past that has brought us glory and success, the business structure, business model, business logic and even the core competitiveness that we used to be proud of, are facing subversion and reorganization under the highly developed digitalization, networking and comprehensive integration. And self-subversive innovation is the access to the future. Only by consistently perceiving the essence, constantly changing and reshaping, continuously self-iterating and endlessly opening the boundary of the enterprise empower us to adapt the changing realities and seize this big future! 

The present is the future. Here is the starting point, now is the future. Every present moment is shaping the future. The pursuit of the big future is a long race without the end. Every step of the way determines the next, we have to devote our utmost. To create a big future is to keep struggling for a hundred years. Zoomlion people should regard every day as the most critical day, make everything perfect, utilize the perfection of the present, and win the beautiful future!

To be professional, to be dedicated, this is the future.  In a great change of the circumstance, uncertainty is indeed densely covered, but there is still certainty can be identified by our self. At any time, we must adhere to long-term focus and professionalism, should not pursue a place in the eye of a storm and short-term interest, not to be the opportunist. In the face of an unprecedented big future, we should be more determined and stick to focus on intelligent manufacturing without distractions, create value for customers without distractions, and integrate a symbiosis between resources and industrial ecology without distractions, so as to create a big future that belongs to us. 

The past is history, we are concentrating on the present and looking forward to the future. Another harvest and auspicious New Year has come, another exciting journey has begun.let us work together to create a bright future for Zoomlion, for China equipment manufacturing. We will welcome the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China with concrete actions.