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Technology Fuels Era| Fostering High-rate Growth with Technology, Zoomlion Construction Cranes Drive the Future Intelligently



Mobile crane industry is a field permeated with heavy industrial hormones. Over the past half century, this industry has experienced several rounds of fluctuations and escalations.

As an experiencer of this industrial history, holding the persistence of technology, the rigor of products and the reverence of value, Zoomlion has come all the way with certainty.

From the century project "Three Gorges Dam" to the uncharted Antarctic, from the "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" at the top of a thousand mountains to the intense and busy Olympic site, from the Wenchuan earthquake site to the full swing of the construction of the mobile cabin hospital, Zoomlion construction cranes have become a sign of the times and an important part of social life.

The starting point began in 1968, when Zoomlion designed its first hydraulic truck crane. In 1973, Zoomlion became the first enterprise in the history of China's truck crane industry to have the integrated development and manufacturing capability of both superstructure and chassis.

Since then, the fast forward button has been pressed. With the explosion of China's truck crane market demand, Zoomlion has continuously set new records. From 65 tons, 100 tons, 130 tons, 200 tons, up to 300 tons of truck cranes - known as "China's first crane", Zoomlion cranes personally opened the door to "independent innovation of Chinese crane manufacturers.

China's mobile crane industry has experienced many ebbs and flows over the past 50 years. Zoomlion has been in the battlefield for a long time and always stands vertically. It continues to represent China as an industrial explorer and technology breakthrough in dialogue with the world.


China's first hydraulic truck crane designed by Zoomlion's predecessor, the Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of Construction in 1968

[Industry Pusher]

China's crane industry can be called China's first segment to reach world-class level. Zoomlion witnessed and personally promoted the heyday.

From the industry's first 50-ton all-terrain crane, to China's first 300-ton truck crane with independent intellectual property rights (then known as the "first crane in China"), to the international leading 180-ton all-terrain crane, and then to the V series of new products which pioneer the industry and lead industrial upgrading, Zoomlion led the Chinese crane industry into the world crane sales peak, established the reputation of the products made in China, and opened up a new product genre, namely "Chinese wheeled crane" , which is extremely competitive in the world.

He who overcomes others is powerful, and he who overcomes himself is strong. Never satisfied and always on the road of innovation, Zoomlion has steeply accelerated the pace of advancement after 2000.Under the bipolar drive of crawler cranes and wheeled cranes, the dance of elephants is astonishing to all viewers.

With respect to wheeled cranes, in 2010, Zoomlion launched 400 tons/500 tons of telescopic boom cranes which continuously refresh the Chinese product tonnage record. This not only allows China’s lifting capacity to reach a new height in the world, but also leads Chinese enterprises to formally enter the "global mega-tonnage crane manufacturers club".

In 2011, Zoomlion made another big hit. The VF series crane, which is superior to its rivals in terms of performance, technology, and user value, made a high-profile appearance. As soon as it was launched, it became a hit product.

In 2012, the technical ceiling of the world crane industry was raised again. Even if the European and American giants have a hundred-year development history, 2000-ton all-terrain cranes never appear in their product lines. But Zoomlion took the lead in launching this type of product this year. On the strength of the unprecedented honeycomb frame structure, active compensation override mechanism, constant power rotation and other original innovations, as well as the 4-hour disassembly and assembly record that no one has broken so far, Zoomlion redefines the oversized crane products in the world.


In 2011, Zoomlion's first domestic 3000-ton crawler crane came off the production line.

Only by going higher can we look farther. With regard to crawler cranes, Zoomlion still does not change the "technology stream" nature, which is the first to make use of European technology. It also first released China's largest 200-ton crawler crane, leading China to start climbing the global industrial ladder. In the following years, 600 tons/800 tons crawler cranes not only break through the domestic product tonnage limit again, but also set a record of China's large-tonnage cranes exported overseas.

The greater shock appeared in 2011, when the world's largest 3200-ton crane rolled off the line at Zoomlion's factory. It was immediately put into the construction of China's third-generation nuclear power, becoming the first domestic ultra-large equipment.

Since then, Zoomlion construction cranes have not only been steadily ranked first in the crawler crane segment at home and abroad, but also been considered by the industry as a tuner in the technology and trend of global super cranes.

[Lighthouse Leading]

For all companies, innovation is a "dangerous path". It is not difficult to imagine the trials and tribulations in the process of repeated break-down and establishment. Zoomlion has gone hand in hand with the world's leading level, with no "tail light" to chase on this road. For Zoomlion construction cranes, innovation has not any standard answer. This is undoubtedly a greater test of industrial judgment, foresight and resilience.

Zoomlion concentrated on the research, tried its best to think, and chose the most difficult road. It began to run hard on the track of "product 4.0 engineering" and "intelligent manufacturing", and is committed to becoming a new roadmap for products, technology and manufacturing in the global mobile crane industry.

Since 2016, Zoomlion 4.0 upgraded crane equipped with intelligent planning, cloud-based control and intelligent lifting technology have been launched one after another. Among them, the "masterpieces", including the ZCC series of large-tonnage crawler cranes and 1300-ton all-terrain cranes, on the strength of its outstanding technology and strong performance, lead the global crane industry into a "new high ground of unmanned intelligent control" dominated by Chinese enterprises

The world record is still being set. The ZCC18000, the industry's only mega-tonnage class crawler crane applied to offshore wind power hoisting, was ordered in bulk immediately after its launch at the 2020 Shanghai exhibition. In June 2022, the world's largest tonnage all-terrain cranes to date - 2,400-ton cranes, were officially delivered in bulk.


In 2022, the world's largest all-terrain crane developed by Zoomlion was delivered in bulk.

With its own strength, Zoomlion began to lead the Chinese cranes to dominate the global crane market in the respect of lifting height and weight on land and sea.

In the global industry, the green tide is lapping at the shore, and Zoomlion has started to “detonate” this new track. 

Pure electric cranes and hybrid all-terrain cranes remain unsurpassed beacons of the industry to date.

Not only the products, but also the center of gravity of "intelligent manufacturing” of the global crane industry is also moving east with the industrial layout of Zoomlion construction cranes. Located in the south of Zoomlion Smart Industrial City, covering an area of 2300 acres, and boasting 57 intelligent production lines, 4 dark workshops and 260 robots, the intelligent factory with the annual planning output value of 30 billion yuan is refreshing the global mobile crane "manufacturing base" record. At the same time, the single crane off-line time will also be compressed to only 18 minutes.


The world's first pure electric truck crane built by Zoomlion in 2020

Wherever there is a running track, the people of the world will aspire to ition the strength of its dedication, continuous release of fist products, and hard-core competitiveness in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service across the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, Zoomlion has achieved a leap from leading all the way to the top in the past half century.

But the ultimate finale of the mobile crane industry is continuing. Zoomlion construction cranes have been well prepared to defeat various rivals.