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ZOOMLION Agricultural Machineries Steps into Mexican Market with Rapid Breakthrough in the Localized Operation


Currently, farmers are busy harvesting sugar canes in Mexico. An aurora green sugar cane harvester appears in a vast sugarcane field in Ciudad Valle, Mexico, catching great attention of the local sugar farmers. This efficient and stable Zoomlion AC60 wheeled sugar cane harvester bestows the sugar farmers in Mexico the charm of products "made in China" for the first time. 


▲ A Zoomlion sugar cane harvester is working efficiently in Mexico

This represents another rapid development of Zoomlion agricultural machineries on the overseas market following the business expansion of Zoomlion in such regions as Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Commonwealth of the Independent States, and in 2019 Zoomlion realizes localized operation in Mexico by taking Latin America as the pilot, deepening the “going-out” of Chinese agricultural machineries in the overseas market. 

Zoomlion has set up a subsidiary in Mexico which is an important location for the globalization strategy of Zoomlion. The engineering machinery business of the subsidiary has formed a favorable pattern where business can be expanded to the surrounding countries and regions based on the experience obtained from Mexico. At the beginning of 2019, Zoomlion’s subsidiary in Mexico officially initiated the agricultural machinery business and established a business team composed of local employees to open the primary and secondary channels in Mexico and Latin America and build a central parts warehouse covering the whole Latin America, so as to consolidate the market foundation. Now, the subsidiary has become the headquarters of Zoomlion agricultural machinery in Latin American, entering the localized operation era. 

The localized operation mode of Zoomlion allows a product to enter a new market faster than the traditional model by multiple times. In just a few months, Zoomlion has successfully introduced its star products such as wheeled sugar cane harvesters and new-generation medium- and high-horsepower tractors to Latin America, receiving good market feedback. Zoomlion has attended the Expo Agrícola Jalisco 2019 held in Mexico recently with its sugar cane harvester and 50-130hp tractor and displayed its localized team, products adapting to local agricultural technology and powerful accessories and organizational support, gaining extensive attention from users in Mexico. 


▲ Zoomlion attends the Expo Agrícola Jalisco 2019 in Mexico with its agricultural machineries

Zoomlion’s AC60 sugar cane harvester has passed all the rigorous tests before entering the market and has been well received by users. Carlos, a sugar farmer in Mexico, gave a thumbs-up after using Zoomlion’s sugar cane harvester and said: "The sugar cane harvester from Zoomlion works as well as the European and American brands. I am satisfied with both the operating efficiency and the impurity content of sugar canes. Also, I am secured by the services provided by Zoomlion and its perfect accessory center in Mexico. ”


▲ A user in Mexico speaks highly of Zoomlion’s sugar cane harvester

It is reported that multiple high-horsepower tractors of Zoomlion have been ordered, which is not easy for a Chinese brand. In addition to reliable product quality, perfect after-sales service and a perfect parts supply system, Zoomlion needs a strong brand reputation and confidence in the market to enter the segmented market of high-horsepower tractors demanded by professional farms. Zoomlion's subsidiary in Mexico has decided to introduce 130hp tractors to break through the high-end market of medium and large tractors upon careful investigation of the professional user group. Zoomlion has succeeded in selling its high-horsepower tractors in Mexico thanks to the brand reputation and R&D strength accumulated by Zoomlion and the accurate information input and strong organizational guarantee provided by the localized operation team for product & agronomy improvement and finalization and after-sales service. 

As introduced by Mr. Bruno Candeloro, the General Manager of the Mexican subsidiary and Latin American region of Zoomlion, “The Mexican subsidiary is deepening localized operations in such aspects as personnel, administration, finance, service and business. We have established a central spare parts warehouse, a training center and a maintenance & repair center based on the trade platform and light assembly base in combination with the overall overseas layout of Zoomlion Group. Also, we will further expand the functions of the platform and value-added services such as leasing and finance, to eliminate the gap between Zoomlion and European and American peers in the agricultural machinery domain and even surpass such peers”. 

"We intend to ‘go out’ and ‘deepen in’ the overseas market by virtue of our agricultural machineries, which complies with the active adaptation requirement of multinational operation of agricultural machineries and the strategic requirement to significantly increase the shares in the oversea and even the whole agricultural machinery market and is also the first try to improve the competitive power of Chinese agricultural machinery industry in the overseas market", as introduced by Pan Zhenyang, the Vice President of Zoomlion, "We will build global marketing support center network, R&D network and global supply chain network rapidly on the basis of the global layout and network which have been serving for more than ten years. Mexico is just the start of success.”