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Introduction to the New Highlights of ZOOMLION's High-altitude Operation Machinery and Earthmoving Machinery at the Coming CONEXPO-CON/AGG


The triennial CONEXPO-CON/AGG will hold its grand opening ceremony at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 10, local time. High-end equipment manufacturing company, ZOOMLION, will exhibit 14 products at the show. Among them, the four high-altitude operation platforms customized for the North American market will debut in the U.S. market; the two G-series hydraulic excavators to appear at the exhibition are not only highly efficient and environmentally friendly, but stage a 5G remote operation demonstration on site. These products will fully demonstrate the latest achievements of ZOOMLION in emerging business expansion, product innovation, and upgrading, as well as ZOOMLION‘s determination and strength of exploring the North American high-end market by the concept of localization.

High-altitude Operation Platform: Smart and Reliable to Debut in the United States

At the CONEXPO-CON/AGG, ZOOMLION's high-altitude operation machinery will appear with four high-altitude operation platform products, including two scissor types, ZS0407DC and ZS0607DC, knuckled-boom type, ZA14J, and straight-boom type, ZT20J. Meeting the applicable international standards, the four products have been customized for the North American market with such advantages as intelligence, efficiency, greenness, energy saving, safety, and stability.


ZOOMLION’s Scissor-type High-altitude Operation Platform to Debut at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG

The scissor-type products to be exhibited are equipped with efficient electric DC-driven system; the knuckled-type products have multi-way control valves and pressure compensation technology, and the straight-boom products have boom telescopic control technology with strong and long power, high control precision as well as smooth and efficient operation. The loading capacity of such four product platforms, all leading the industry, ensure ultra-high working efficiency. Meanwhile, also with excellent characteristics such as low center of gravity, stable operation, flexible maneuverability, and adaptability to harsh working conditions, they can provide safe and quality service adaptable to various operating scenarios. The high-altitude operation platform products, equipped with the industry's unique human-machine interaction interface and intelligent fault self-diagnosis system, can smartly diagnose hundreds of faults, greatly reduce the difficulty of fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance, and create better experience for users.


 ZOOMLION’s Straight-boom-type High-altitude Operation Platform

In addition, greenness and energy saving are also major characteristics of the products exhibited in this event. The two scissor-type products use an efficient all-electric driving system with zero emission and no noise. It is particularly worth mentioning that such two products can also be upgraded with special lithium batteries specially developed by ZOOMLION. With service life three times and duration 130% more than those of ordinary lead-acid ones, the special lithium batteries are maintenance-free throughout their life and adaptable to the harsh operating environment of 20 degree centigrade below zero, hence green, energy-saving, and highly available.

It is reported that ZOOMLION has the first smart factory in China, covering the entire production process of scissor-type high-altitude operation platforms. At present, all the scissor-type high-altitude operation platforms produced by ZOOMLION come from this factory with an annual production capacity of up to 12,000 sets, namely one product for every 10 minutes. Its intelligent manufacturing supports standard and smart products.

 G-series Hydraulic Excavator by the North American Standards, Green and Intelligent

In recent years, ZOOMLION Earthmoving Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a new-generation G-series earthmoving machinery products, which are green, efficient, reliable, durable, smart, human, safe, comfortable, and driven by the Product 4.0 project, and continue to lead the industrial development. The two G-series hydraulic excavator products to be exhibited, ZE215GLC and ZE75G, have the advantages of a fully-upgraded power system, a new architecture control system, and intelligent interconnection, while fully meeting the T4F emission standards and requirements of the North American market.



Independently developed by ZOOMLION's global product research and development platform, the control system of ZE215GLC excavator can reduce fuel consumption by 15% and fuel efficiency by 18%, with the design life of main structural parts over 12,000 hours and bucket life 40% more. Meanwhile, the machine’s powerful remote information management enables real-time monitoring and comprehensive information management; its intelligent fault diagnosis system can quickly remove faults and reduce downtime; and its optional self-developed 2D/3D operation guidance systems are available to improve construction efficiency.


ZOOMLION’s ZE75G Unmanned Excavator

ZE75G Unmanned Excavator represents the intelligent development trend of excavator products. The product is mainly applied to scenarios such as pavement repair, cable burying, waterway dredging, and rescue operation on special circumstances. According to a preset operation model, it can automatically plan operation path and achieve precision positioning by RTK technology. It can measure the distance to obstacles by radar ranging technology and automatically identify obstacles by visual sensors; automatically control excavator attitude by on-board electric drive system. Compared with the traditional manual operation, the unmanned driving of excavator can improve operating efficiency and reduce labor cost by about 40%. During the exhibition, the 5G remote operation demonstration of the excavator will be performed on site, allowing the visitors to experience the charm of 5G technology and the extraordinary strength of ZOOMLION.

ZOOMLION's new products of high-altitude operation platforms and earthmoving machinery, to debut at the grand global industrial event, will perfectly show its innovative breakthroughs and leading capabilities in such two engineering fields. It will keep practicing the concept of “U.S. standard, local market, and product intelligence”, explore the high-end North American market by quality products and technology, and serve more global customers.