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Zoomlion m-tec 40th Anniversary Celebration: Establishing a Paradigm of Integrated Development and Working Together to Create a New Legend


   On June 29, Zhan Chunxin, Chairman and CEO of Zoomlion, and Xiong Yanming, Vice President of Zoomlion, went to Newburgh, Germany to participate in the 40th anniversary celebration of Zoomlion m-tec Company. In Germany where it was deep in summer, m-tec company warmly welcomed the arrival of Chairman Zhan Chunxin and his fellows.

   Founded in 1978, German m-tec Company joined Zoomlion in 2014 and had developed from a small workshop into the world’s number one brand in dry-mixed mortar equipment after 40 years of development and innovation; this company also created the world’s first mixer, the mixing pump and the first dry-mixed mortar mobile silo and the world’s other original products. Chairman Zhan Chunxin praised m-tec’s 40 years of glorious history as “a history when the entrepreneurs and employees worked hard to fulfill their dreams”, and Zoomlion looked forward to working together with m-tec to create a new legend in the next 40 years.


△ Zhan Chunxin, Chairman and CEO of Zoomlion, and Michael Meding, the General Manager of m-tec Company

   Chairman Zhan Chunxin and his fellows first visited the m-tec factory in Neuburg, Germany, and listened to the briefings of relevant technical persons in charge. Later, he visited and carefully inspected m-tec’s production line, technical achievements and various iconic products. Since m-tec joined Zoomlion in 2014, they have complemented each other with their advantageous resources, strengthened the technologies integration and supply chain collaboration, and achieved significant benefit of 1+1>2, with a compound growth rate of global business exceeding 33%. At present, m-tec produces more than 30 products in 4 series, providing dry-mixed production equipment, mixers, bulk silos and dry-mixed construction machinery and other professional equipment and solutions for 110 countries around the world, and m-tec has obtained a number of international patents for its technologies.


△Zoomlion m-tec Factory in Neuburg, Germany

   After the visit, Chairman Zhan Chunxin and his fellows participated in a simple but enthusiastic celebration. Chairman Zhan Chunxin said in his speech: “m-tec formally joined Zoomlion in 2014, and under the five principles of ‘inclusiveness, rules, responsibility, co-creation and sharing’, we have actively promoted the technologies integration and achieved coordination between our managements, to achieve good coordinated development.” Chairman Zhan Chunxin also said that the application of m-tec technologies and standards in dry-mixing equipment has been fully implemented in Zoomlion, the production line and construction equipment of Zoomlion m-tec brand quickly entered the market in China and won customer recognition.

   Chairman Zhan Chunxin believes that the success of Zoomlion and m-tec cooperation is not only reflected in the success of the technology market, but also provided a successful case of cross-cultural integrated development in the construction machinery industry. The core values of Zoomlion and the corporate culture of m-tec emphasize creating a better life for mankind with integrity and innovative actions, and the shared aspiration will become a solid foundation for further integration and progress of us, guiding us to enter a new era of cooperation and development.

   General Manager Michael Meding of m-tec Company said in his speech that China’s dry-mixed mortar industry is by far the most dynamic and fastest growing market in the world, and m-tec is gradually becoming the largest dry-mixed mortar manufacturer in China. “m-tec’s sales volume in China has quadrupled since 2014 when m-tec just entered the Chinese market and it will continue to grow strongly this year.”

   Adhering to the five basic principles of internationalization, i.e. “inclusiveness, rules, responsibility, co-creation and sharing”, the merger of Zoomlion and m-tec was another success story: After the merger, Zoomlion completely retained m-tec (German) management team, and achieved profitability in the first year after the merger in 2014; in 2017, m-tec’s operating income increased by 36.1% on a year-on-year basis. General Manager Michael Meding of m-tec Company profoundly dedicated himself to China and Zoomlion, and would come to China almost every month to know the market and guide the work of m-tec (China) branch; he won the “Star City Friendship Award” issued by Changsha City in 2015 and the “Outstanding Individual Contribution Award” granted by China Ready-mixed Mortar Association in 2016. The teams of the two companies have just become one harmonious big family.


 △Chairman Zhan Chunxin Congratulated General Manager Michael Meding for His Outstanding Achievements and Delivered an Enthusiastic Speech


△Chairman Zhan Chunxin Presented Hunan Embroidery Symbolizing the Friendship between the Two Companies to General Manager Michael Meding

   In the past four years, the integration of the two companies also reshaped the development pattern of the dry-mixed mortar industry—Zoomlion is capable of independent manufacture of a large number of key parts for dry-mixing equipment and has reduced costs by more than 40% while mastering the core technologies. The integration of the two companies was deepened continuously and new products emerged. In August 2016, Zoomlion commissioned a new-generation manufactured sand dry-mixing two-in-one green mortar production line. Now, China’s dry-mixed mortar industry is in the era of system solutions of “dry-mixed mortar green production line + formulation technology”, and Zoomlion is the only system solution provider in the industry that can provide “dry-mixed mortar green complete production equipment + formulation technology”. The two companies also successfully developed a cost-effective RMAS3000 dry-mixed manufactured sand two-in-one production line suitable for the Chinese market, winning the award of “China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50”. Also, the new technology was comprehensively promoted in the industry, and Hangzhou Must MTA3000B & Hunan Goodbond KMA1000 production lines were built, which became the industry benchmarking projects and won a group of “loyal” customers.

   A new journey, new hope and bright future are worthy of attention. As Chairman Zhan Chunxin said, in the background of economic globalization and global cooperation, Zoomlion and m-tec will continue to deepen integration, take advantages of technology, market and resource complementarity and achieve coordinated development, bringing greater achievements to each other and working together to create a new legend in the next 40 years of m-tec.