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Precision Procurement to Help Fight the Epidemic: ZOOMLION’s Second Batch of One Million Pieces of Donated Medical Materials Arrives Gradually in Changsha


In the morning of February 8, the Lantern Festival, the flight from Russia to Changsha, Hunan, was loaded with a special gift, namely more than 100,000 face masks purchased by ZOOMLION from Russia. After the plane landed, the responsible person of ZOOMLION waiting on the ground and the staff of the Hunan Provincial Red Cross immediately started unloading and sorting. These face masks would be donated to the Hunan Provincial Red Cross, the hospitals in the province and other parties to help prevent and control the epidemic.


More than 100,000 Face Masks Purchased by ZOOMLION from Russia Arrived at Huanghua Airport

In the early morning of February 7, namely the previous day, more than 130,000 pieces of medical protective materials were successfully transported from Frankfurt Airport to Huanghua Airport, Changsha. These medical protective materials included face masks, medical gloves, medical goggles, and medical protective suits.


130,000 Pieces of Medical Protective Materials Purchased by ZOOMLION from Germany Arrive at Huanghua Airport

“The two supplies were the second batch of materials intensively delivered in ZOOMLION’s action of ‘Global Purchase of Medical Materials for Epidemic Prevention and Control’. If successful, another batch of one million pieces of medical supplies will arrive in Changsha in one week,” said Li Bin, Director of the International Business Management Department of ZOOMLION. Due to the large amount of supplies arriving during the past two days, the staff of ZOOMLION, Hunan Customs, and Hunan Provincial Red Cross at the site was racing against time to unpack and count just to accelerate the custom clearance of the anti-epidemic materials for the purpose of allowing them to reach the front as soon as possible.


 Staff of Huanghua Airport Customs and Hunan Provincial Red Cross is Checking the Medical Supplies

It is reported that in addition to the above-mentioned materials delivered, the second batch gradually arriving will also include medical supplies independently purchased from Germany, Turkey, the UAE, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Indonesia, and other countries and donated by clients and agents.

Li Bin said, “In close communication with the Hunan Provincial Red Cross, we learned about the supplies the most urgently needed by the front medical staff and gave priority to the purchase and deliverance of protective suits, medical gloves, goggles, and so on. To our surprise, we also purchased more than 1,200 pieces of full-body protective suits containing N95 respirators, medical goggles, and earplugs! ”


 ZOOMLION Indonesian Staff Packed Medical Protective Supplies and Prepared for Boarding

ZOOMLION will pay continuous and close attention to the epidemic situation, give full play to the advantages of international corporate resource mobilization, collect and purchase more medical protective materials globally, effectively fulfill its corporate social responsibility, do its best to assist in epidemic prevention and control, and contribute to the success of fight against this epidemic.