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Almost RMB 0.1 Billion Yuan Worth of Zoomlion Equipment Help Build Light Rail Project in Kazakhstan


Days ago, the first phase of the light rail project in the national capital Astana—a pilot project of capacity cooperation between China and Kazakhstan as well as the first urban light rail line in Kazakhstan formally started construction. There are high expectations and public focuses on this light rail project which completely adopts Chinese technologies and specifications during design and construction and whose construction equipment are provided by Chinese suppliers. Zoomlion, a Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprise, offers almost RMB 0.1 billion yuan worth of various machines and equipment for this light rail project in Astana.


Zoomlion Rotary Drilling Rig at the Jobsite

According to the principal of Zoomlion, various Zoomlion equipment like rotary drilling rigs and batching plants have arrived at the jobsite in advance and are now put into operation, while other purchased products will reach the site in July.



Presentation Drawing of Light Rail Project in Astana

By report, this light rail is going to transverse Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. With a total length of 22.4 km, 18 stations, a design speed of 80 km/h and a total investment of USB 1.9 billion, the line will connect many key junctions and business districts like airport, city center and railway station, etc., lead to Astana Expo Park—the venue of Expo 2017 and span over the Ishim River that runs around the city. Upon completion, it is expected to handle over 150,000 passengers a day.

As for the infrastructure construction of the capital, light rail construction not only helps improve the image of the city, but also adds convenience, comfort and safety to the traveling of local inhabitants and tourists while saving the time on road.


Zoomlion Batching Plant at the Jobsite

Equipment service provider plays a very important role in building the large-size transportation infrastructure project with such a great historical and epoch-making significance. According to the local engineering machinery lessor in Astana, “As the project features a short construction period, accelerated product delivery is required. For example, as for rotary drilling rigs, requirements on the reliability and quantity of the products must be satisfied at the same time to ensure the project be completed on schedule. This time, we have signed a contract with Zoomlion for purchasing nine rotary drilling rigs in total, even exceeding the number of all rotary drilling rigs in the leasing market of Astana, but Zoomlion still manages to deliver them on time.”

The principal of Zoomlion said, “We have participated in the constructions of a variety of projects in Kazakhstan, such as the airport and Expo Park, during which our products and services have been recognized by the local market. This is why we can stand out from the strict siftings and comparisons and win the order of Astana light rail project.

At present, many Zoomlion rotary drilling rigs like ZR280C and ZR360 are working in an intense but orderly manner at the construction site.

Excellent engineering products are crucial for construction. Boasting high stability, reliability and construction accuracy, Zoomlion rotary drilling rigs adopt powerful drive system imported from USA, electrical and hydraulic parts from internationally prestigious brands as well as optimized electro-hydraulic proportional control to realize settings based on different working conditions and offer perfect power output. In addition, the products enjoy superior rock-drilling capability as well as great geological adaptability and conquering ability, thus being ideal for hardpans like rock stratums and karst formations in moderately weathered or slightly weathered areas and perfectly suitable for the geographic and geomorphic conditions of Central Asia.


A Zoomlion Rotary Drilling Rig Is Working

According to the principal of the client, another important reason why they choose Zoomlion products is that the comprehensive service assurance from Zoomlion Kazakhstan Branch Company can provide all-round service supports for the equipment.

It is reported that Zoomlion Kazakhstan Branch Company, established in 2014, takes charge of the after-sales service assurance for all equipment in Kazakhstan. To meet the service demands of this Astana light rail project and ensure the construction efficiency, Zoomlion has dispatched seven service engineers to stay at the jobsite to offer 24/7 services by working in shifts. Ever since the equipment entered the project site, the engineers have offered active services, quick assembly and patient training to successfully complete equipment delivery, thus gaining unanimous reorganization from the contractor. In the future, they will go on providing strong guarantee to underpin the project’s normal construction.