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2014 Bauma Shanghai

"Sincere Science and Technology, Bright Future."Sincerity is a core value of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and one of our founding principles. We want customers to experience Zoomlion's sincerity toward technological innovation, continuously improving user experience and constantly meeting customer needs and creating value." At 10.18 am on November 25, in a speech to mark the opening of the Zoomlion exhibition stand at Bauma 2014 in Shanghai, Zoomlion Senior President Zhang Jianguo briefly outlined the theme behind Zoomlion's display at the global construction machinery exhibition. 

Zoomlion – the world's leading manufacturer of construction machinery – exhibited 27 products in six categories, namely concrete machinery, cranes, earthmoving machinery, infrastructure construction machinery, road machinery and industrial vehicles, all of which embody Zoomlion's core concepts of being low-carbon, green, efficient and intelligent, as well as the company's advanced technology, dedicated customer service and sincerity. Of the six categories, Zoomlion concrete machinery was the most outstanding, not simply due to the RMB 50 million order signed on the opening day, but for its absolute advantages and unmatched technological edge across the entire industry chain which is pushing global concrete machinery technology to new heights. 

RMB 50 million Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Order

At half past ten on the morning of November 25, shortly after the opening ceremony had drawn to a close, Zoomlion got off to a flying start at the exhibition by signing an order with a company from Hangzhou for manufactured sand and dry-mixed mortar (two-in-one) integrated solution equipment worth RMB 50 million. 

Manufactured sand and dry-mixed mortar integrated solution equipment is Zoomlion's star product at the Bauma exhibition. This equipment redefines the mode of production for building materials by replacing river sand with manufactured sand, which removes the need for drying and significantly reduces the investment needed in commercial ready-mixed and dry-mixed mortar as well as production costs. Zoomlion is the undisputed leader in this field. 

The purchaser stated that by removing the drying stage from the production process Zoomlion's integrated solution equipment will lead to a new technological revolution in the construction industry and effectively promote higher construction quality across the board. "We are confident we will become a million-ton mortar business producing both ordinary mortar and special mortar, thereby providing social benefits while also giving full play to economic benefits and contributing our strengths to high-quality construction." 

The dry-mixed mortar market is booming not just in Hangzhou but throughout China. The haze of pollution that continues to wreak havoc across the country has meantthat energy conservation has become the main theme inChina's industrial upgrading and restructuring. And using dry-mixed mortar instead of site-mixed mortar is an effective way of improving the air over China's cities. 

Zoomlion has already launched its "three-in-one" and "two-in-one" system solutions, which have redefined the business model for producing building materials. This innovative business model has changed the "go-it-alone" mode of production of building material producers in the past and will bring real economic benefits to consumers. It will also contributesignificantly to protecting the environment, developing a circular economy, implementing anindustrial policy for energy conservation and reducing emissions, and building a beautiful China. 

Mortar Conveying and Spraying Demonstration Receives Enthusiastic Reception
Mechanized construction is the key to driving the development of dry-mixed mortar!Zoomlion demonstrated the effectiveness of its new mortar conveying and spraying technology to customers at the Bauma exhibition. The audience was amazed to discover that, compared to traditional mortar construction methods, ready-mixed dry mortar has three to five times greater construction efficiency. 

Photo:Contest between mortar conveying and spraying machinery and traditional plastering. An engineer from German company m-tec easily finished spraying the 2m2 wall with mortar in less than two minutes. Despite being highly skilled, the laborer using traditional plastering techniques needed five minutes to complete the same task with ready-mixed mortar. If the mortar had needed to be mixed it would undoubtedly have taken even longer. 

Compared with traditional methods, the modern mortar application method is three to five times more efficient! Mortar construction unit profits are three to five times greater,mortar plant profits are two to four times greater and construction quality is immeasurably different. 

Zoomlion dry mortar product director Wu Mantian personally demonstrated the "duo-mix" mortar sprayer developed by Zoomlion m-tec. The "duo-mix" offers excellent mixing and tremendous adaptability for a wide variety of materials. This is due to the unique m-tec dual mixing system together with the patented mixing principle, which together make a combination that no other mixing pump on the market can offer. Mortar delivered to the duo-mix undergoes a series of processesincluding mixing and watering. It provides an even and fast spray onto walls, which not only improves construction efficiency, but also effectively controls rebounding and falling mortar and other similar problems. This equipment has been used for many years in developed countries in Europe and America but has been recently adapted for the Chinese market through a number of specific technical innovations. Industry experts have claimed that duo-mix will revolutionize mortar spraying in China.

The efficiency of the front-end mortar sprayer is largely due to the perfection of the rear-end conveyor. 

The TS22/0 is an intelligent pioneering dry-mix mortar mobile silo. The product uses a pneumatic feeding conveyance method and a gravity-based discharge method and brings together storage and mixing functions in one multi-functional device.The duo-mix is currently used in a wide variety of major construction projects, including for masonry, plastering, flooring, tiling and insulation systems. 

It is used to convey bulk dry-mixed mortar used in high and ultra-high-rise building construction—King of the wet mortar pumps, including the PP100 piston mortar pump and P50 screw pump.

The PP100 uses suction from the reciprocating motion of a piston to convey mortar. It is suitable for high-level and long-distance mortar conveyance and can be used with accessories, including concrete pipes and stirring dev