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Zoomlion Paver ZPS3880RE to Take the Field in Bauma China 2016


As an independently developed and world leading high-end road machinery of Zoomlion, Paver ZPS3880RE will debut Bauma China 2016 and be known to visitors and customers in construction machinery industry.

It is understood that Paver ZPS3880RE to be exhibited integrates Zoomlion’s years of technological advantages in paver, with its technology and performance being world leading, and is quite qualified for paving operations regarding expressways, highways of all grades, airport construction and urban roads, among others.

Zoomlion Paver to Take the Field in Bauma China 2016

In respect of paving performance, ZPS3880RE is equipped with a strong eco-friendly high-power engine and has a rated throughput of 900t/hour; the hopper has a loading capacity of 16t, which can ensure continuous operation during skip switch. The product is featured by low-speed scraper blade, steady conveyance of materials, combination of multilevel helical blades, pier-type stream guidance spiral lifting arm, smooth distribution of materials and effective prevention of segregation of materials. Additionally, the double-sheet design of ZPS3880RE enables arbitrary switch between machinery screed and stretching screed; the screeds are electrically heated to allow even and rapid heating.

In respect of intelligence and humanity, ZPS3880RE employs Zoomlion’s exclusive i-Pave© intelligent fine paving technology, an intelligent control system based on CAN bus technology components, specialized remote controller and conveniently adjustable paving on/off no-trace function, contributing to high construction quality. Meanwhile, the control panel of ZPS3880RE is designed according to drivers’ operating habits, with concentrated an
d accessible maintenance points and greater maintenance space, which makes drivers much more comfortable and comprehensively improves the convenience of manipulation, detection and maintenance.

At its debut in Bauma China 2016, Paver ZPS3880RE will exhibit the latest industrial and technological development direction and Zoomlion’s determination to expand its share in the high-end paver market.