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Zoomlion’s Signature Industrial Vehicles to Shine at Bauma China


Three forklifts and one stacker as the crystal of Zoomlion’s wisdom of craftsmanship will shine at the 2016 Bauma China to exhibit and promote the latest products and technologies of Zoomlion in industrial vehicles on an all-round basis on the high-end global stage of competition.   
It is learned that Zoomlion Industrial Vehicles, through years of R&D innovation and accumulation, has effectively improved its product ability and formed the product portfolios that can meet the mainstream markets at home and abroad. Today, Zoomlion’s industrial vehicles have been exported to over 30 countries in 5 continents, including emerging markets and high-end markets in Europe and America. The fast-rising Zoomlion industrial vehicles have been an important force that has drawn the attraction of the domestic and international markets.  

FB25H Accumulator-type Counterbalance Forklift

The FB25H accumulator-type counterbalance forklift to be exhibited by Zoomlion at this event is a green, intelligent and efficient world-class innovative product with the 4.0 gene. Adopting full-AC control system, and CAN bus control technology, FB25H offers multiple protections and safe and reliable operation; the driving axle adopts the integrated axle-gearbox, which reduces the layout space of the vehicle and makes the vehicle more compact thus reducing the turning radius and trafficability of the vehicle; the rear handrails are provided with horn alarms and ensures the driver to reverse the vehicle more stable, safer and more comfortable; the LED signals save more energy. Besides, the whole vehicle is concise and dynamic in appearance.    

FD30-R counterbalance forklift

Another star product to be shown is Zoomlion FD30-R counterbalance forklift. As for overall design, FD30-R adopts two cylinders on both sides of the fork for the mast, and the front cylinder chain adopts the dedicated oil guide groove, allowing accessary pipelines to be arranged on the chain directly, thus omitting the rubber tube and rubber tube pulley structure for a single cylinder. Meanwhile, the bodywork of FD30-R adopts the new SMC material, which effectively improved the performance of the whole vehicle with the compression strength reaching 4 times that of steel, anti-fatigue limit reaching up to 70%-80%, and the sound insulation effect 2-3 times that of steel plate; the vehicle adopts the Olande fin-plate radiator, the famous Italian brand, offering better radiation performance; and the electrical system adopts CAN bus technology, with functional modules that can be upgraded and added freely.   

YB20-S2 Accumulator-type Reach Truck

With the rapid development of logistics nowadays, warehouse vehicles are more and more in need at home and abroad, the accumulator-type reach truck YB20-S2 independently developed by Zoomlion that can effectively enhance the warehousing efficiency will be shown at this year’s Bauma China. It is learned that, YB20-S2 has outstanding performance in safety by using exported mast beam channel and specially designed mast structure that effectively enhances the safety in lifting; the advanced speed-limiting function for lifting can prevent the driver from incorrect operation that may cause falling of the vehicle; the automatic speed-limiting function when turning can effectively prevent the vehicle from turning over and the goods from being thrown out when turning; the fork lowering buffering system is helpful in reducing impact noise, improving driving comfort and ensuring goods safety.    

Zoomlion DB16 Accumulator-Type Stacker

Stackers are indispensable members of warehousing vehicles. The Zoomlion DB16 accumulator-type stacker to appear at this event has two solenoid valves, three descending speed models; CURTIS driving controller + CURTIS steering controller, which offers higher stability and efficiency; multiple driving speeds such as stand-on, walking, slow-driving and limited-speed for high locations to meet various conditions; the elaborately-calibrated performance parameters avoid stagnancy in driving and ensures safety and comfort. This flexible hi-tech stacker featuring simple structure can greatly improve the work efficient, reduce labor intensity of workers and is ideal for high-rack warehouses and workshops for pallet-based loading and unloading.  
As signature products of Zoomlion Industrial Vehicles, these products will provide visitors with ultimate experience at the Bauma China with their elegant appearance and outstanding performance.