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Zoomlion Construction Hoisting 4.0 Machineries to Shine in Bauma China 2016


In Bauma China 2016, some 4.0 tower cranes and construction hoists of Zoomlion will be exhibited. Then, these “milestone” products in the field of building construction machinery will cut a conspicuous figure and show the latest fashion and trend of high-end building cranes.

Tower crane T7020-10: representing the latest techniques in the world and expand Zoomlion’s product range of tower cranes

Zoomlion has firmly dominated China’s tower crane market in virtue of its outstanding technological advantages and strong manufacturing capability. Tower crane T7020-10, which will be exhibited this time, is a 4.0 product developed by Zoomlion by integrating the most advanced technologies in the world, which features high performance, high reliability, low energy consumption, safety, convenience and humanity.

The product has been upgraded in such dimensions as hoisting performance, transmission and control, and arm length combinational configuration. With the internationally recognized JOST topless technique, a German high-end tower crane expert, the product has excellent performance and is specially suitable for prefabricated construction (PC) engineering; T7020-10 is composed of strongly universal components to the extent that the tower and other components can be used interchangeably with 160-315tm ones, which reduces equipment idleness and increase investment efficiency; a lot of quick couplers are used for components such as crane jib and platform, allowing fast, convenient and easy installation, and an increase in disassembly and assembly efficiency by 20%-30% compared with similar products; Zoomlion employs the ZRCV control technique, to which it has been devoted, for the swing mechanism, contributing to wind-resistant performance of swing, reverse operation and quick restoration. Introduction of the product optimizes Zoomlion’s product range of tower cranes and maintains differentiation advantages with its competitors.

Construction hoist SC200BG/SC200BZ: creating a “new dimension” of humanity and intelligence

Construction hoists are widely applied to construction of urban high-rise and super high-rise buildings. Since Zoomlion acquired Raxtar, a leading company in international hoisting industry, the two have carried out comprehensive collaboration and complementation of advantages, greatly increasing the competitiveness and brand influence of Zoomlion hoists in global market. Zoomlion is becoming a leader in global construction hoist field.

Zoomlion will bring construction hoist SC200BG/SC200BZ to the exhibition, with the former featuring high-frequency variable speed and the latter featuring medium-speed frequency conversion. Based on “humanity”, Zoomlion has initiated intelligent and remote control techniques on the two products in the industry. The intelligent control system integrated in the products provide functions such as one-card start up, identity authentication, status display and fault diagnosis; the remote control technology allows maintenance of construction hoists and personnel management on mobile APP; the newly designed manual-automatic leveling function can effectively reduce impact damage in electrical components due to frequent inching; the innovative connection between cage and driver reduces vibration and can greatly increase operation stability. The products have achieved comprehensive technological breakthrough and provide green, energy-saving, intelligent and comfortable experiences.

These 4.0 construction hoists that integrate Chinese and western technologies will be a campaign of Zoomlion to march into the global high-end market. Let’s wait and see their wonderful performance in Bauma China 2016.