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Zoomlion Made an Auspicious Start by Obtaining a Large Order of Hundreds of Millions Yuan Upon Opening of Bauma China 2016


On November 22, Bauma China opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center magnificently. As a leading enterprise in global engineering machinery, Zoomlion (Booth No.: A60, A65, A66, A67, B60, B64) taking the theme of "Linkage to the World, Intelligence Creates the Future" appeared grandly with 22 products in 8 series, and signed a large order of hundreds of millions yuan, which led to an auspicious start.

At this time, Zoomlion explained the wise heart and craftsman heart of products. As in the speech by Su Yongzhuan, vice president of Zoomlion, at the opening ceremony, he said that Zoomlion announced an intellectual revolution to the world through the Bauma Exhibition. Meanwhile it marked that Zoomlion had entered a brand new era of equipment manufacture + Internet.

New Product 4.0 Showed the Innovation Capability of an Industry Leader

At this year's exhibition, Zoomlion will present 4.0 series exhibits of cutting edge technology", Su Yongzhuan introduced the largest highlight exhibited this time to attendants. 

Su Yongzhuan expressed that China was implementing strategies of innovation-driven and "Made in China 2025" currently, Zoomlion grasped this opportunity tightly to put forward "Product 4.0" project for manufacturing more reliable, intelligent and environmental-friendly products by promoting spectrum optimizing, modular design and research on intelligence based on extreme "spirits of the craftsman".

According to information, the exhibited 4.0 products cover 6 major types of concrete machinery, construction hoisting machinery, building crane, foundation construction machinery, pavement construction machinery and industrial vehicles, etc. All of them are competitive products of Zoomlion "Product 4.0" project.

Take truck crane as an example, Zoomlion will also show many types of 4.0 truck cranes during the exhibition. Of which ZTC250 truck crane is the firstly manufactured "intelligent manufacturing" product in the production line since the implementation of product 4.0 project. Compared with products in similar types, Zoomlion ZTC truck crane can hoist more and run faster, with super energy-saving, which may be called the king of performance. Zoomlion series 4.0 truck cranes have been put into construction in Zhejiang and Wuhan, etc., and gained unanimous praise by customers.

At the same time, Zoomlion selected many types of green and intelligent products for exhibition, such as high precision, high efficiency, low consumption and energy saving four-bridge pump truck with Mercedes-Benz chassis of 56m; Zoomlion ZR460V rotary drilling rig with a super hoisting ability but lower cost and efficiency improvement; small and flexible FB25H counterbalanced battery lift truck driven by new energy; powerful ZE230E-9 crawler hydraulic excavator with reliable durability; and intelligently designed ZP3880RE spreading machine which is advanced internationally.

All Zoomlion exhibited products at this time appeared with new VI: aurora green, star shining grey and gravel grey, as well as a newly added element: flexible white, which added a finishing touch for Zoomlion new coating with a sense of scientific technology.

Besides, in exhibition hall "Intelligence Application Platform Display Area for Zoomlion Products" has been set particularly, which will show 3 intelligence application platforms including Zoomlion e-bulter APP, concrete ERP system, and life cycle management system of tower crane. By using these platforms, customers can easily achieve equipment management, operation management and intelligent construction in front of mobile phones and computers. During the exhibition, visitors may experience the intelligence and high efficiency of these three products on site.

At the first day of the exhibition, visitors showed passionate interest in Zoomlion 4.0 products and intelligence platforms, thinking they represented the latest trend of construction machinery industry. A visitor showed purchasing intention after watching the crane product on site, and he expressed that Zoomlion products had eye-catching appearance, and an upgraded 4.0 product was provided with enormous intelligence advantages, which attracted him to buy it.

Walk Hand in Hand, Create Continuous Value for Customers 

It is understood that Zoomlion made an auspicious start at the first opening day - gained purchase intention from many customers, of which Hangzhou Motai Technology, Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Motai) planned to purchase Zoomlion dry-mixed mortar and relevant matching products, with a total strategic cooperation amount of approximate 2 hundred million yuan.

In Bauma China 2014, this customer had signed the dry-mixed mortar cooperation project of 50 million yuan with Zoomlion, which was a highlight at that time. At present, this project which represented the most advanced design and construction technology in the dry-mixed mortar industry has been put into production. Further cooperation at this Bauma exhibition completely shows that Zoomlion dry-mixed mortar technology and service are highly regarded by the customers.

In 2013, Zoomlion acquired the first brand Germany M-TEC company which was engaged in dry-mixed mortar, and merged its technology deeply. As introduced by a relevant official of Zoomlion, M-TEC dry-mixed mortar system solution includes the whole process from production of fine machine-processed sand, laboratory formula technology of dry-mixed mortar, and production quality control technology to the application of terminal high efficiency mechanized construction, which effectively improves quality of dry-mixed mortar, construction efficiency and construction quality, as well as helps mortar enterprise gain high profits in diversified competition and fulfill win-win-win among mortar enterprise, labor construction personnel and construction site. This solution clearly defines a direction of sustainable development for the mortar industry, which can help Zoomlion consolidate the leading market position, and also reform dry-mixed mortar market structure in China.

To express the superiority of Zoomlion dry-mixed mortar system solution more directly, Zoomlion especially sets a demonstration area for dry-mixed mortar spraying, which will demonstrate spraying repeatedly during the exhibition.

It is introduced that this Bauma Exhibition is also the first appearance after Zoomlion regional marketing reformation. At the beginning of this year, Zoomlion implemented regional reformation deeply to further improve viscosity with customers. Currently, strategic deployment has been carried out for seven regions, including Northeast, East China, South China, North China, Central China, Southwest and Northwest. After completion of the opening ceremony, the delivery ceremonies for Northeast Region and East China has been held one after another, and several hoisting equipment has been delivered to the customers.