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【Conexpo 2017】Zoomlion Forklifts
As the international exhibition on construction machinery boasting the largest scale this year, CONEXPO 2017 will be held on March 7-11 in Las Vegas Convention Center. ZOOMLION, a leading manufacturer of construction machinery in China, will exhibit a series of forklift products at its booth (No. G2793).

Many star products of ZOOMLION forklifts will make their debut at CONEXPO, including FE18Z-1.8t electric 3-wheel forklift, TB20-2t walking pallet truck, QB30-3t electric tractor, FL25YKW-2.5t short-wheelbase dual-fuel forklift and YB15-1.5t reach truck.  

ZOOMLION FL25YKW Short-wheelbase Dual-fuel Forklift

As one of ZOOMLION’s important overseas markets, US market boasts great potentials. After intensive investigation and study of local demands, ZOOMLION has developed many product models that suit for North American customers.

The newly developed FL25YKW is a type of 2t short-wheelbase dual-fuel forklift designed for the US market. Featuring short wheelbase, the machine can satisfy various working conditions thanks to functions like backing, turning and turning-round within narrow working space. Besides, FL25YKW can use gasoline and liquefied compressed natural gas at the same time, thus reducing operating costs significantly.

ZOOMLION FE18Z Electric 3-wheel Forklift

Except for the brand new products specially developed for the North American market, several star products that are improved to suit for domestic demands will also be displayed at the exhibition, among which FE18Z electric 3-wheel forklift is a best seller in China. It is known that 3-wheel forklifts are especially good at turning, and energy-saving environmentally-friendly battery-powered forklifts are very popular with overseas customers. Integrating the flexibility of 3-wheel forklifts and the energy conservation and environment protection of batteries, FE18Z takes a design of side-mounted battery to facilitate operators’ easy replacement of batteries. With omni-directional turning design, the machine can realize turning with smallest turning radius, even 360-degree turning in very aarrow aisles, rivaling compasses drawing a circle.

ZOOMLION TB20 Walking Pallet Truck

Warehouse-used 2t walking pallet truck TB20 is another star product manufactured by ZOOMLION. It is configured with a variety of original safety devices to ensure safe and stable operations, such as emergency power-off plug in connectors. Besides, goods can be stably limited automatically after being lifted to the top position. TB20 is also equipped with low-speed traveling function, thus realizing precise operation within narrow space. In addition, the emergency reversing device can protect operators from accidental injuries when the machine is walking backward.

According to a senior official from ZOOMLION, forklift products have won good market shares in the Southeast market and the Middle East market. In 2017, ZOOMLION will further march into the high-end markets in US and Europe, thus making high-quality domestic forklifts go globally.