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Zoomlion Crawler Cranes Help Build Cross-sea Bridge in Brunei

Recently, over ten crawler cranes from Zoomlion, a Chinese equipment manufacturer, are helping build the famous Temburong Cross-sea Bridge in Brunei, a country along the “Belt and Road”. It is learned that spanning over the Brunei Bay, Temburong Cross-sea Bridge features a total length of approximately 30 Km and is a maritime passage connecting Brunei-Muara District to Temburong District. The construction sections jointly built by the construction side—China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Co. Ltd. and Zoomlion include a 11 Km long viaduct with precast structure that spans over wetlands and a pre-stressed concrete continuous beam bridge with a 100 m main span that spans over Sungai Labu river in Brunei. As these sections pass through virgin wetlands and seas, requirements on environmental protection are extremely high and construction difficulties are unparalleled, scaring off many foreign competitors.

In view of the special working conditions, the construction side—China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Co. Ltd. particularly purchases Zoomlion mobile cranes, including eight QUY180 crawler cranes, eight QUY130 crawler cranes and one QY25 truck crane. It is required in Brunei that all construction machines, upon completion of assembly and debugging, have to pass the local strict safety and quality inspections. By virtue of excellent quality and outstanding performance, Zoomlion products successfully pass the inspections and receive unanimous acclaim from the safety and quality departments of Brunei. Presently the machines began construction in various working areas of the south section of Temburong Cross-sea Bridge.

Due to the extremely high requirements on environmental protection, the construction side performs building by following the British Standard Specification and requires that the machineries and equipment shall work overhead “without landing”. Using the unique “fishing construction method”, trestles are used as the support, piles are planted by adopting fishing method and brackets serve as guide frame, thus significantly improving the pile position accuracy of pile sinking and accelerating platform construction. Playing a key role in this construction method, Zoomlion crawler cranes are the mainstays in various key processes of the project construction and are of the most importance for ensuring project progress.

According to the project principal from Zoomlion, the QUY130 and QUY180 crawler cranes used in the bridge construction are main models of Zoomlion crawler cranes with high configuration, stable performance and high working efficiency. Moreover, Zoomlion has stationed engineers in the job site to always ensure normal operation of the machines.

By report, project of the south section of Temburong Cross-sea Bridge will be completed in 2019 and Zoomlion will keep on helping build the local infrastructure projects in Brunei. As the “Belt and Road” initiative proposed by China is being furthered, investments in the infrastructure field of countries along are expected to be speeded up, which will bring tremendous development space to equipment manufacturing enterprises like Zoomlion.