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Zoomlion Concrete Machineries Help Construct Nuclear Power Project in Pakistan

Days ago, the last two concrete HG45T tower-type placing booms were delivered to China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Company Limited by Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Company to help build Karachi Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan.

Karachi Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan not only is a showcase project of China nuclear power’s "go global" strategy vigorously promoted by China, but also is an important achievement gained during implementation of China’s “China–Pakistan Economic Corridor” and “Belt and Road” strategies, thus boasting great political significance.

Specific characteristics of nuclear power plant put high requirements on the stability and safety of concrete equipment. As the largest concrete equipment supplier in the world, Zoomlion has set up stable cooperations with all the construction companies in China’s nuclear power industry. Starting from Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant in Lianyungang to Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant in Fujian and Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant in Guangxi that are being built in recent years and then to Karachi Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan to which the first concrete equipment is exported, a large number of Zoomlion concrete machineries are busy working everywhere.

Nuclear power projects are generally constructed in areas with complex terrains and few people, thus putting severe limitations on the usage of large construction machineries and equipment. In addition, nuclear island, where the nuclear reactor is located, is the key part of a nuclear power plant. Certain part of the nuclear island requires tens of thousands of cubic meters of concrete poured in place without interruption and this one-stage building has always been a difficulty in the construction of nuclear island.

Based on the demands put forward by China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Company Limited and taking advantage of its strong research and development strength, Concrete Machinery Company customizes a HG29D concrete placing boom. Compared with common placing booms, the largest advantage of this product is that its lower-structure is fixed by ballasts while the superstructure employs fast disassembly design via pins. Movement can be realized within very short time via tower cranes with a hoisting capacity of only 4T. During the pouring for K2 nuclear island of Karachi Nuclear Power Plant, eight HG29D placing booms and eight stationary concrete pumps from Zoomlion had been working day and night and they finally completed the pouring task perfectly. Thanks to their excellent operating performance and stable working capability, Zoomlion concrete machineries have won prizes and trusts from clients.

As the “Belt and Road” national strategy is being gradually promoted and furthered, China’s nuclear projects will be bound to march into more countries and regions and Zoomlion will follow them all the way along to make contributions to the realization of the “Chinese Dream”.