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Zoomlion Helps Build Landmark Skyscraper in Thailand, with Its Aurora Green Dazzling Bangkok

                                                        SC270/270BG High-speed Builders Hoist at Project Site

Recently, construction of the high floors of Landmark Waterfront, a landmark skyscraper located beside the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, with a building height of 303 meters has been started. Three newly-painted Zoomlion SC270/270BG high-speed builders hoists have arrived at the site and are now running up and down stably over Bangkok to help build this most eye-catching new landmark in Thailand with other Zoomlion equipment that arrived earlier, making their debut in an overseas project site and giving a public performance of the fresh aurora green.

Landmark Waterfront is involved in one of the six bilateral governmental agreements signed between China and Thailand in October 2013, witnessed by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Thai government. Located beside the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok of Thailand, the project integrates superior design and perfect construction, aiming to be a glorious and exquisite super high-rise composite project. With a total construction area of 282, 000 square meters, the project is composed of two five-star hotel buildings and one 73-storey condominium residential building. Upon completion, it will be a landmark building complex that adds splendor to the area of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

                                                        Zoomlion Tower Crane and Stationary Pump at Project Site

Ever since the beginning of project construction in 2015, complete set of equipment from Zoomlion, a leading Chinese equipment manufacturer, have been entering the jobsite, including tower crane, concrete pumping machinery, placing boom and builders hoist. During the foundation construction period in 2016, Zoomlion concrete pumping machinery once set a record for running continuously for ten hours and pumping over 300 cubic meters of concrete within one day, drawing great attention in the local construction industry.

                                                              Zoomlion Truck-mounted Concrete Pump at Project Site

After acquisition of the well-known builders hoist enterprise Raxtar from Netherland in 2014, Zoomlion has been focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of builders hoist by integrating world-class advanced technologies and has launched a series of builders hoists. “We are confident that these brand-new SC270/270BG high-speed builders hoists will offer better user experience”, said the principal of Zoomlion Thailand Branch Company.

                                                    Zoomlion SC270/270BG High-speed Builders Hoist at Project Site

According to relevant principal of the purchase department of the Landmark project, “This is our first time to use Zoomlion products in the Thai market, and the reason that we choose Zoomlion is that our partner trusts Zoomlion very much after they have used Zoomlion equipment in many domestic and foreign projects. As Zoomlion machineries enjoy a good reputation in the international market for their stable, precise and safe performance, we are sure that they will help us a lot in our project construction.”

                                                          Landmark Waterfront Project under Construction

It is learned from the principal of Zoomlion Thailand Branch Company that time presses a lot for such a skyscraper architectural complex has to be fully completed in about three years. “Though this puts high requirements on our products, strength of Zoomlion products can be greatly proved. We will offer excellent services to ensure that the project will be completed with high quality.”

                                               The First Overseas Standardized 4S Shop Opened in Thailand in January of 2017

Thailand is a key country along the “Belt and Road” to which Zoomlion attaches great significance and the market share of various Zoomlion products in the local market exceeds 30%. To better implement the “Go global” strategy and realize quick service response, Zoomlion opened the first overseas standardized 4S shop in Bangkok of Thailand in January of 2017 to offer sales, maintenance, parts supply, technical supports and operator trainings, etc. With the “Belt and Road” initiative being further responded, Zoomlion will certainly provide services to more local infrastructure projects in Thailand.