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Just Like Giants beside the Himalayas, the Largest Topless Tower Cranes Exported by Zoomlion Help Build Hydropower Project in India

                                                                    Two Zoomlion T630-32 Topless Tower Cranes Are Working

In April of 2017, two large-tonnage T630-32 topless tower cranes produced by Zoomlion, a leading equipment manufacturer in China, began to stand upright beside the Himalayas to help build the Bajoli Holi Hydropower Station in Himachal Pradesh, India. Among the dramatic mountains, the two large-sized topless tower cranes are very eye-catching, just like two towering giants. In addition, it is learned that these two T630-32 cranes are the largest topless tower cranes exported from China up to now.

As energy consumption shoots up due to rapid economic development, but limitations of local natural conditions cannot be overcome, there are increasingly acute shortages of power supplies in Himachal Pradesh, India. However, since the Himalaya mountains back Himachal Pradesh in the north and the Indus as well as the head waters and branches of the Ganges River flow through the district with abundant water power, a hydropower station must be constructed. By report, with a design generating capacity of 180 MW, the Bajoli Holi Hydropower Station will significantly improve local electric resource conditions and bring comprehensive benefits like irrigation and flood control upon completion.

Though Himachal Pradesh boasts beautiful scenery of the Himalayas, the complex, dangerous and high mountains become challenges in the construction. According to the project principal from Zoomlion, due to that the construction site sits against the perpetually snow-covered Himalaya mountains and is located in remote areas with steep terrains, higher requirements are put on the hoisting construction equipment by the local complex natural environment and construction conditions.

Compared with common hammer-head tower cranes, topless tower cranes ask for higher design and manufacturing technologies, T630-32 large-sized topless tower cranes in particular. Enterprises in the industry that can provide models similar to T630-32 are rare, but Zoomlion is one of them.

The principal also said, “Large-tonnage topless tower crane is an outstanding tower crane product, but the market of this type of tower cranes had long been dominated by the European and American brands. In order to make breakthroughs, our team in India spent two years tackling key problems, invited customers to visit our factory for several times and had third-party testing performed for the tower cranes. Finally, our tower cranes were approved by the customers.”

                                                           Two T630-32 Cranes Set a New Tonnage Record for Exported Topless Tower Cranes

It is learned that Zoomlion T630-32 also sets a new tonnage record for exported topless tower cranes and this breakthrough indicates that Zoomlion becomes the industry leader in terms of research, development and manufacturing technologies of tower cranes.

Moreover, Indian customers are very satisfied with the cooperation, “Except for the excellent product performance, we are deeply touched by the resident Zoomlion engineers who offer technical support in remote mountains.”

The main part of the hydropower station project is expected to be completed in 2018 and the two T630-32 cranes are going to make constant contributions to the local development.

India is one of the key countries during Zoomlion’s exploration of the global market and localization. In the domestic industry, Zoomlion has been ranking the first for three consecutive years in terms of market share of tower cranes exported to India, reaching 65% in 2016.

At present, Zoomlion has one wholly-owned subsidiary and one joint venture in India that are engaged in tower crane manufacturing and sales. What’s more, the company has set up one professional after-sales service team to ensure that end customers get timely and highly-efficient service supports everywhere in India.