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High-end Market Exerting Power on “Localization”, Keeping Market Share in the First Place

Regarding the reason why Zoomlion’s market share can consecutively keep in the first place, Zoomlion’ overseas executive said that “This stems from more than 10 years layout and services of "localization" in the Hong Kong market.”

                                     ZOOMLION Tower Crane Participating in the Construction of Hong Kong Public Rental Housing

Zoomlion has knocked to open the door of Hong Kong market for the first time in 2005, “In the beginning, we mainly made our products enter the Hong Kong market via cooperation with local dealers and customers”

Whereas, we also faced some difficulties during development – Hong Kong is the high-end market for construction machinery. Customer's construction habits and equipment requirements are in line with the European and American Standards. So Zoomlion needs to continuously make localization improvements on our products to meet local customer needs.

Afterwards, these have become the opportunity for driving other markets. Through its demonstration role in Hong Kong, ZOOMLION cranes and other equipment have also entered Europe, Singapore and other high-end markets. “We can say that the changes in the Hong Kong market have reversely forced our enterprise to enhance management, technology, standards, quality and other comprehensive capabilities, so that we can get more in-depth understandings of the high-end markets, and gradually be in line with international standards.” the executive introduced. 

In order to provide better “localization” service, Zoomlion has established a professional service team in the Hong Kong Market. “We mainly provide customers with technical consultancy, sales, assembly & dismantling, maintenance and other one-stop services, so as to win the trust from customers via excellent service assurance.” a service representative introduced.

Through 10 years development with localized products and services, the Hong Kong customers, who were originally accustomed to the use of European and American products, have begun to accept and love ZOOMLION products. Data display that: ZOOMLION cranes sold in Hong Kong have covered a variety of models from 30 tons to 500 tons in a total amount of 200 units until 2017. Zoomlion has become one of the most important suppliers in the crane industry. Models of ZOOMLION concrete machinery sold in Hong Kong have also realized comprehensive coverage from truck-mounted pump, stationary pump, city pump, placing boom, batching plant, etc. It has become the veritable leader of concrete machinery industry in Hong Kong.

Borrowing Strength from the International Financial Center, Consolidating Capital to “Walk out”

Hong Kong is an important global center for investment and trade activities and is also the bridgehead connecting mainland China and the world. From Hong Kong’s return to the motherland to the release of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, Hong Kong has been provided with new opportunities and mainland enterprises stationed here have also been deeply affected. Taking Hong Kong as the link, Zoomlion has borrowed strength to go further on the road of internationalization.

It is known that Zoomlion formally established the export trading company and investment company in Hong Kong in 2008, offering an overseas export platform to develop its global export business. In 2010, Zoomlion successfully took the lead in landing the HKEx and completed the issuance of H-shares. Zoomlion has not only won more industrial capital to enhance the height of the industry, but has also provided a platform and springboard for implementing overseas strategies. In this way, Zoomlion’s international brand status has been enhanced. 

                                               Zoomlion’s executives and guests are celebrating the successful listing of H-shares.

As the international financial center, Hong Kong's capital market has been continuously attracting global investment, providing more and more suitable international investment opportunities to make Zoomlion soar. Zoomlion has 11 subsidiaries or offices directly or indirectly invested through Hong Kong, including Thailand subsidiary, India factory and Brazil factory, etc.

Zoomlion overseas executive summed up the development of enterprises in Hong Kong: “Mainland enterprises show their products and services to the world through Hong Kong, so as to walk towards the world depending on their strength. Meanwhile, Hong Kong's international status also accelerates the world's understanding of the mainland enterprises in Hong Kong. And the success of enterprises in Hong Kong certainly will become a model radiating the whole world.

Prosperous and stable Hong Kong is the guarantee for enterprises conducting deep ploughing here. Meanwhile, “the Belt and Road Initiative” has brought more opportunities. An industry insider said that "The Belt and Road Initiative" has brought very good development space and opportunities for Hong Kong. And Hong Kong’s entry into Asia Investment Bank can offer better professional financial services to make it participate in more and more infrastructure project financing works and to help inland enterprises to walk out.

Zoomlion’ development in Hong Kong is also attractive in the future. The relevant responsible person in Zoomlion expressed that: “Hong Kong is the bridgehead for us to ‘walk out’. Zoomlion’s market in Hong Kong will continuously optimize the product structure, improve add values of products, pre-upgrade the foundation innovation, so as to exert force on the high-end market. Meanwhile, we will enhance channel construction and enhance professional technical, sales and service capabilities. With the capital advantage of Hong Kong, we will further strengthen our financial strength to expand our influence on the international market and to realize continuous construction and growth in the Hong Kong market.”